A good new story of a boy in english | Best english stories

A good new story of a boy in english | Best english stories

A good new story of a boy, This story is of a boy who helped a little boy, he had reached home late to help him, after which all the people were very happy, you would like this story,

A good new story of a boy in english : Best english stories

We also call them, when all come, then we will go to their house together, they were waiting for everyone, but no one had yet come, why are not they coming from time to time, do not understand this After a while all the people had come, when they came, they started going to their house, the boy of that house has not even come back yet, all the people were saying this, why so far the boy is not He has come, he was also waiting, but he has no news had come,


Their talk was being heard, yesterday our boy went from the house work, but has not come yet, we are waiting, but what has happened, nothing can be understood, we think that Something might have happened, due to which our boy has not yet come, no one will benefit from listening to the words here, while we should try our best, some people said that we should also look at the place where But that was the first time he thought And that people were running,


They had searched everywhere, but they had not got anybody yet, how can it be, what place it can go, nothing is known, but we will definitely see where it is But everyone had searched on the place, but they did not know anything, they all came back, but no news was received, this thing had passed two days, all the villagers were very upset That was when the boy from the front appeared,


Those who were looking everywhere, coming from the front, how can this happen, all the people go to him, and ask, where did you go, all the people were very upset, How can I do that, the boy says, that the house was coming in, only then I saw that a little boy was walking alone, he had separated from his parents, knew about it, from whom His house was found, when his house was found, then he had to leave the house It was because of me that I was too late,


Now everyone had understood why the boy came late, the boy had helped someone, because of which he had come home late, but all the people were upset about this, only then that boy said You were upset for me, but you can also think, how worried his parents were, he was a very young boy, it was very necessary to reach his house, why do not you think this thing, he Listening was a little quiet now, because now did not worry,


His boy had returned home, all had trouble, but the boy did a good job, because of which all the people were happy, because he did a good job, everyone started going home Now he had no work at that place, the boy had also come home, his family members were very happy, always have good work in life, so that everyone can be blessed,

A good new story of a boy in english | Best english stories

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