Bedtime stories for prince and princess

Bedtime stories for prince and princess | English short stories

Bedtime stories for prince and princess, Why the prince has not come yet, yet he should have come here, the king is worried about this, because it is not right for the prince to stay out, the queen also looks very upset, the queen comes to the king , She says, you find the prince, because I want the prince here right now, but what can the king do, he calls the commander, after some time the commander comes, the king tells him that the prince Whoever can be brought from anywhere, the commander says, don’t worry, I go to see the prince,

Bedtime stories for prince and princess

Bedtime stories for prince and princess

Bedtime stories for prince and princess

The prince had never been so late yet, that was the reason, the king and queen are worried, when the prince was coming to the palace, when he saw the princess in the forest, the prince stopped seeing the princess. Were, she had come from where the princess was, the prince did not know this, he had stopped hearing the voice of the princess, that was the reason, he did not reach the palace, the commander went to find the prince. He is, because he had not come yet,

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The prince tells the princess, what are you doing here, looking at the prince, she says that she has forgotten the way to the palace, because this forest is very big, the prince says that you can walk with us, next The day we can send you to the palace, the princess goes with the prince, the prince did not know where that princess came from, but still the prince was helping her, after some time Senapat Is also found, she asks the prince, you were living on what place the king became disturbed, the Prince said it was looking into Princess trouble, was able to help them,

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The commander says that you should go to the palace, after that the prince goes to the palace, when the king looks at the prince, he asks, where did you stay, this princess has come from where the prince is. They tell something, the king asks her, from which place have you come, that princess tells everything, but when the commander hears the name of the king whom the princess told her father, then they understand this Not come,

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Because there is no princess of that king, but the commander does not say this to anyone, because they have to know everything first, then only they can say this to the king, when it is morning, then the commander at that place Go, the place where the princess came from, he meets the king, the king says, what are you talking about, you know, I don’t have any princess, you know, we have a prince here was born, commander do not understand something, commander do know everything, he goes back to the castle,

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When the commanders come to the palace, the king tells them, which place did you go, the commander says, where is that princess, the king says that she has gone to hang out with the prince, the king says, How does that princess feel to you, because we want her to be married to a prince, what do you think, if you think all is right, then we meet her father, he goes on, but the commander says Is in Has discovered everything,


You know, from where I have just come, I have met the father of the princess, but I do not understand why that princess is speaking falsely, whom she is talking about, she is He does not have a father, while he does not have any princess, I do not understand anything, when the king hears this, he thinks, what is happening, the commander says that you do not know, Who is this princess of me Don’t even know,

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The commander says that we feel that we have to go to the prince, because we do not know what he can prove to him, now even the king felt that anything could happen here , He goes to the place with the commander, to the place where the prince went, he reaches that place, by then she had gone to the princess, left the prince near the tree, the king asks the prince, Where did that princess go Giving bone, Prince is not known, the king and tell him everything,

Bedtime stories for prince and princess | English short stories

After that the prince comes back, because he knew everything, he did not know that she is not a princess, but why did she come to our palace, because she has not said anything yet, the commander says Is, I think, that maybe she came to get information about the palace, after which it can become a problem for us, the king says that we will wait for her, when she comes, we can understand everything, because we Don’t know Is, Who is he,

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