A help story in english for a man, Best reading English story

Best reading English story

A help story in english for a man, Best reading English story, This story is of a man, who helps everyone, but help becomes a problem for him, you will love this story,

A help story in english : Best reading English story

He was a very good man, he could not see anyone’s grief, he thought that, by helping everyone, we should go ahead in life, only then our life is successful, it was coming to my city for the first time because He used to work in another place, today he was coming home for the first time, when he reached home, his wife was very happy, because he had come back after many years, he had come in this house for the first time,


He was looking at the house, only when his wife said that you work outside, we always think that there must be someone here, who should ever be there for help, but you do not live here. If we have any work, we have a problem, you should do your work only, the man started saying that you are right, now I have to go to the same place, but it will be back in a few days later. I’ll be the same in that, then someone else There will be no problem,


After that the man had gone from there, but some time had passed, yet he had not come back, how can it be, he is not yet, while he was saying that he will be coming soon, The wife was worried about this, she calls her boy, and says, that you have to bring your father here, I feel that there is something, he has not come here yet, You have to go there and find out that he A. Why do not come, then he was the boy went to his father,


He was going to his father’s place for the first time, because he had never gone to that place, after very difficult he had reached there, but when he asked about his father, he got the same answer He has been here since a few days ago, he was saying that he will work on the same from now, but the boy said that he has not come so far, so he came here to see him, you He is saying that he has gone from here, now For them to be seen, said Guy was upset, she What to do to, they’re looking at what place, did not understand anything,


A man came to that guy, started saying, do not have to worry, if you feel that what you should do, then you walk with you, I know some place, at the place where he can meet, In search of them with you, they both walked, they were worried about their father. Because he was not aware that in which place he could find, but when the man was searching, only then a shop man said that the person you were talking to was seen a few days ago,


I do not know where he went, but in the company of a man he was, that man runs the shop, you can tell that man, then both of them went to him, the shop man began to say I know him well, because he used to buy things from me, we both are very good friends, but someone was troubling someone on that day, after that my friend came, stopped them, but they were beaten too. , While that help Was doing,


After that he had taken him, I think he is still with him, we should do something, while he was alone, was not able to do it, today you have also come, so we can do everything After that, all of them went to his house, and he had come with his father, he was no longer in good condition, when all this happened because he did not help him, it would have happened to help , While this should not happen, after that he is his father The house was taken, when he went home to his wife saw it all happened.


The wife said that I have told you that you should always stay away from others, but you do not understand, nobody considers anyone’s talk, you go to that place, in the place where there is a fight, you are there Should not go The boy also said, do not you think that no one considers anyone’s word, you went there, but those people were beating you while it should not have happened, but nobody listens, Dad I started to say that I feel that we should help,

Best reading English story | A help story in english 

But no one knows this thing, that can be done on the help of that, after that all the people started talking, we know that sometimes it happens, but that does not mean that we can help All should be remembered, but all should remember that it is not to do so that if anybody has trouble, A help story, Best reading English story, if you liked this story, then you must share it,

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