Trouble in the village, best story for kids

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Trouble in the village, best english story for kids, The villagers are very upset in this story, because many monkeys come in their village, they want to destroy all, but no monkey goes there, you will like this story,

Trouble in the village : best english story for kids

english story for kids

english story for kids

Many monkeys lived on a tree, all monkeys always lived on the same, but they also had problems eating, because now the forest was becoming very less, so that they no longer get much fruit, only a few distances But there was a village, some monkeys started thinking that we should go to that village, because now there is a problem of eating, we can get anything in the village, everyone thought this idea was good In the evening He began in the village,


When he arrived in the village, he started harassing everyone, all the people were getting disturbed by all the monkeys, they did not even understand that how many monkeys have come here, All the people were saying that we must keep all these monkeys away from the village, if it does not happen, then all these monkeys will continue to harass in the village, because their number has also become very much, considering all these things. doing it were,


Only then did he look at the monkey, he was disturbed by a vegetable, some vegetables had eaten all the monkeys, the man said, that today the monkey has ruined my vegetables, today I was greatly damaged Now, what has to be done, today’s loss has happened, today all this happened due to the monkey, all the people came in with the village and started thinking about the monkey running away from here, telling all the plans Were there any plans? It seemed difficult to be successful, then only a man comes,


He says that everyone is feeling disturbed today, they all started saying that you were not here, so you do not know that many monkeys have come in the village, they are disturbing everyone, some of them If you want to remove it, otherwise it will ruin everything, the man said, ‘I do not bother you, think about something, then that man said,’ We have to call someone here, who will catch all the monkeys, With this, all people can overcome trouble Sector, the idea seemed good, if it works it will be great,


That person then says that in the evening, I will do this work, he goes, because he will have to do this job soon, he comes in the evening with a man, the man says that till all the monkeys till tomorrow I will catch you, you should not worry, now everyone felt that this work would be done easily, the man had gone to catch the monkey the next morning, but this work was not so easy, he goes to capture the monkey, but she gets a monkey, she catches her,


When he goes to capture the other, the monkey takes the other person, the man gets disturbed, he says, that all these monkeys are very fast, they catch one, they all carry it, this monkey has its own Know how to protect, it is getting difficult to catch, I will not do this work, everybody says that you find another way to catch them, but the man says that I can not do this because I can not I know it’s off easily hand, all people are upset,

best english story for kids | English stories

They no longer see any measures, now all the people had learned to live with those monkeys, they understood that it is not easy to catch them, now we have to stay with them, some problems will get rid of sunny But, who is not far away, should come along with them, Trouble in the village, best english story for kids, if you liked this story, then share it further,

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