English of story and very short english stories

English of story and very short english stories for all kinds

English of story and very short english stories, I like his words very much, he tells me, I should stay with him, but my work is inside the village, so I can’t go with him, maybe he likes me, he lives in the city, He also tells me, I should come to him, you are my friend, what should I do, he says, I should sell my farming, work with him, what should I do, good to hear you feeling, you’re so right, you do not understand, it’s your farm to sell, I think he wants to take your money,

True friend story in english | English of story

English of story

English of story

Hearing this, his friend says, I don’t think, he thinks this, but why are you saying this, he explains, why does he want to call you by selling agriculture, you have to think, you know, If you have sold farming, you will have nothing, after some time you will not have any money, after that what you can do, you should think about it, you are feeling right from your words, you are right. Area understood is not coming, he About Me thinks it all, I did not know, now he knows it;

King and Prince very short stories

You are my very best friend, you have explained to me, I am not going to go with him now, I have to talk to him today, he goes to him, says to him, you are not my good friend, if you are my friend Would have told me not to sell my farm, but you are looking for your benefit, so you want to take me, he understood, he has come to know everything, he says, I have to go now, I have work, then she Award the city was gone, that his friends do not understand him, then he could get into trouble, That is to say, a true friend saves you from problems, so a true friend should be in your life, if you like this story, you can share it,


Story of two men in english | English of story 

Story of two men in english

Story of two men in english

We both have to go to that village, that village is at some distance, you are right, but we will get work in that village, because both of us have been away from home for a long time, if we do not get work, So there can be problem, they do both things, they do not know, but still they are looking for work, after some time both men reach the village, they meet each other, he tells, We both Have come in,

How to write good short story writing

If both of us get work, then our problem can be overcome, the man says, you both go some distance from here, there is a rich man at that place, he can give you work, I know about work No, they both go to the same place, where they are told, they meet a rich man, he says, what is your job to me, they both say, I am looking for work, so we Both have come to you, rich people say , You can get the job done, but it is working very hard, if you will do both, then you do not work,


They both say, we have come here in search of work, if you have work, then both of us will work very hard, he says richly, you have to work hard, both of them work, but they earn it Had become a problem, he does it very hard, he is very tired, when it is evening, he meets the rich, then he says, this work seems very difficult, you can have a different job. Is rich, you say I already told you, if you have not done this work, you will not get any more work,

Short stories in english for students

Both of those men say, We will not have this work, Wealthy says, I knew, you cannot do this work, it can be easy to find work, but it is very difficult to do the work, both of them in that village. We go away, this story tells us, nothing in life is easy, unless you do,


A true story in english | very short english stories

A true story in english

A true story in english

One day he comes to his house, he did not feel anything right today, because today everybody was hungry at home, he did not get food, that man is sad, because today he did not have work, he worked. Searches, but he had not found any work yet, the man was very honest, but he was not getting work, the place where he used to work earlier, now the work stopped at that place, so they Have to face trouble, but he I will definitely do it,

Small story for kids

He also seems upset, because everyone is hungry at home, he doesn’t even bring food, he is short of money, the next day he searches for work again, he sees, a man has fallen on the way, He may be feeling ill, he goes to help him, brings him home, when the man sees, he has come home, he asks, who has brought me here, everyone says, that man Brought you, because you fell on the way,

Boy success story with english

The man says to him, no one helps today, but he has helped me, I can get a chance to serve you, the man says, I have no work, if you give me work, then Can be very good, the man says this, you have helped me, I will definitely help you, he gives him work, then he gets work, he works, that man knows, this Is very honest, he works very well Literacy is, the man was very happy to make it,

English of story and very short english stories

He gives him a lot of money, so that he keeps on doing his work, there is trouble in life, he goes away, but we should not worry, you too can get help, but when will it happen, no one Knows, but you have to keep trying, if you liked this story, then share it,

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