There was definitely a story, Ghost stories in english

By | March 24, 2019

Ghost stories in english

There was definitely a story, Ghost stories in english, This story tells us that, there was definitely no room in the room, no one was aware of who he was, but whoever was, he was scared of us, due to which the boy had left that room,


There was definitely a story : Ghost stories in english

My friend had come to my house all of a sudden, it was night time, looking at me, asked me why you came here at night, I did not believe it, he did not know what he was saying, When he came in the house, when he came inside the house, he asked him that you are feeling very scared, he started saying that he is staying alone, even you know this thing, but I did not know that today There can be anything like this with me,


He told that when he was going to sleep, he had seen something near the window, he told that he had a shadowy look, when he went to the window and saw, there was nobody on there, no one on this matter I will not believe you, so I have come to you, now my mind is not going to go to that house; I am very scared of taking the name of that place, I understood the point of my friend and told him that you stayed here Go, we go to the world tomorrow morning Take your stuff.


The friend lives in one place, which is now empty, all the rooms in that place are empty because everyone has gone to his house, this is the reason that he is afraid of that place, now the question comes, What was seen on the window, when this happened, when no one is there on the other side, all the people have gone, only then something happened to her, she told that she seemed very scary, it seems Was there any window near me, while my room was too high Even then, he had come to the window,


He told that he does not want to go to that house; his fear was also telling him that he does not want to stay in that place, but what happened with him, is that truth, or it can happen There is no doubt about it, but it is necessary to find out that there is no meaning to go now, but all the friends went to her house the next morning, she said that this happened to the window when it happened that the window Looked carefully, then something seemed strange, it seems to me Land, something must have happened,


Because there were some traces near the window, whatever was saying, maybe his fear was right, he was scared right, there was something like this that caused him to be scared, but now that window does not have anything It was all right now, but it may also happen that all this would happen at night, so everyone had hidden in that house at night to know the truth, only after that everything could have been known, night All the friends were hiding in the same room, but nothing has happened yet.


All the friends had to look at the window, because something was happening from the window, after some time the window was getting some look, what was it, who was the shadow of it, all were watching it, but no one would say no They knew, that something strange is happening today, they did not go near the window, the window was gently opening, it seemed that someone was opening the rubbish, only then all got up, the lights of the room Was burnt, now nothing was there, no eye was coming, I And he knew, that there must be, then it will never surely was not stopped at that point, he believed now,


There was definitely a story, Ghost stories in english, If you also believe in this, you also feel that there was definitely no need to share this story, you can also comment, 

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