Honesty short stories in english | Good stories in english

Honesty short stories in english | Good stories in english

Honesty short stories in english, This story (Good stories in english) is of a man who had to make his house, but he had very little money, so that he could not do this easily, but he had done his job honestly, you would love this story,

Honesty short stories in english

His house was not good anymore, he wanted to make his house good, for this he was thinking something, so that his house would be very good, because the house was broken from a lot of places, but he did not have money He was able to fulfill that work, his wife also used to say that when we have money, we will make the house good, now we should not think about it, we have to pay attention to some things, first of all we House A will be able to deposit the money, then we  moving,


Maybe he was talking about his wife’s words, because she did not have money, only then a friend comes to her, she says that I feel like you are very sad, she says that the condition of our house So you can see, it is now broken from everywhere, I have to build this house, but I have no money, through which I can make this house, his friend was listening to all this, he would say Felt that if you can work hard, then my There is a work nearby, which will not be the problem of your house, the man said, if it can happen,


It would be great, what would I have to do, the friend started saying that work is easy, but must be done very carefully, the man started saying that I am approved, if I could do this work, then make my house He says, his friend goes away, and says that coming to me tomorrow, you will get the job, when it happened in the morning, the man started coming to his friend, because he wanted money for his house, when he Came to his friend, then asked Mr. I do,


Only then his friend said that you have to take care of a house, because a lot of stuff is kept in that house, the owner is not here right now, so you have to be guarding here, if you do, then you will get very good money. By which you can build your house, the man was happy, so that he was now feeling that he could make his house better now, he started saying, ‘I go to work from today, Day after that Every day she was starting to guard the house,


It seemed easy, but it was not easy, when it was night, there were many animals roaming around that place, sometimes it would have been that the animals used to come into that house, they used to attack, There was also a lot of trouble. It did not happen for two days, but after a few days it had happened so that all the animals started coming home, the house was open now, when the man saw it, he had cursed him, causing him to be very There was trouble, but now she had nothing to do,


If he leaves the job, then he could not make his house good, so he lets them run away from him, he was having problems, but he did not pay attention, and was doing his job, when the time was over, he had got good money, no animal could stop because of it, but he was stopped, he had trouble, but still he did not go there, like this when he When you came home, it was a mistake to repair your home.

Honesty short stories in english | Good stories in english

Now, was he felt good at home, work can do everything, but you need to do to be honest, Honesty short stories in english, if you have liked this story, you should definitely share it, and by commenting, we also tell you that we bring many stories for you,

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