How to write good short story writing in english | Short story writing

How to write good short story writing

short story writing, You will love this information, if you write a story, then this information will be very good for you, we hope you like this information,

How to write good short story writing

If you also want to write short story, then this information will be very good for you, if you like to write a story, you can write and read the story very well, then you can do it with some easy tips, we all know It’s not easy to write a story because you need some important information for it, when you keep all these information with you, then you can understand how you write a story, if you store If you have read before, you will get some idea, we understand here how to write a story,

Make your Title :-

First of all, you have to understand, how a story is written, we try to understand here, first of all you need to know before writing a story, on which you want to write the story, what your title will be, What kind of story do you want to write, suppose you want to write a kid’s story, then you have to think about the story first, you should also know which character you want to keep in the story It will do Role all those characters, this information should have,

Classic Story Structure :-

Because before writing any story, you have to think about your story, when you come to know, what role is there in the story of the story, then you can start the story, now we have a story here But when you understand this story, you will know how to write the story, this story is about a boy, who always harassed everyone, here the boy is a main character, Because he is connected to all. all people are giving her more attention,


That’s happening. Because he harasses everyone, all the people have become troubled by him, all the people come to him, say that you should not do this, if you do this, then no one will help you, so listen to meditation. It should be kept, when we bother anyone, no one does help him, because everybody goes away from him, our main character in this story is a boy, with whom everyone comes,


But the boy says that the issue does not matter, because I do not think that I will need you, everybody says that it is not so, everyone needs it, you will also need one day, everybody It goes by saying, the boy does not pay attention to their point, it is the main part of the story, because the boy does not pay attention to anybody’s matter, that is what he thinks, that I do not need anyone Fighting in the story Sector is a day is all you need when it is needed, so there does not care,


There is also the main reason for this story, on which the story progresses, you have to create a main reason for the story, because on what basis you are writing the story, you should know this, you must have the main reason for the story Because, unless this happens, how will your story be read, the story should start well, when you write a story, then by the end it should be very good to read the story, because if itself seems, seemingly bored in the middle, so forth does not read any story, it is required to put you in mind.


Now we fall in that story, in which the boy has trouble, because the reason is that the boy should keep in mind everything, one day it was raining very fast, the boy was trying very hard It was but she did not stop the rain water, the rain water came inside the house, she was calling for help, she goes to all the people, she says that help me, water in my house Has come, so water everywhere But everyone says that there was no need for you,


You were saying to all, that I do not have any need, I will not need anybody else, I told all this to you, now tell us what we need, the boy listening to them. It was because he knew that he had said this thing, but now he was unable to do anything, what should he do, because he was a mistake, he was very sad to think about his mistake,


He said that my mistake is, you forgive me, it will not happen from now on, everyone said, if you believed this thing earlier, it would have been good, but you did not listen to anyone, when you thought The trouble has come, so you have come here to ask for help, that boy goes back to his house, nobody does not help him, we understand this from the story, that no work in life is to do this Should anyone trouble anyone Yes,

How to write good short story writing

You must have understood everything from this story, who is our main character, what is his main task, what troubles he has to face, after that you can write your story well, if you do well If you write a story, your story will be liked by everyone, How to write good short story writing, If you like this info, you can also share this information,

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