Story of magician in english, interesting short stories

Interesting short stories

Story of magician, interesting short stories, This story belongs to a wizard who comes to a village, he feels that this village is very good, the should stop at it, the magician makes a plan, so that he can stay in that village, this story will tell you of course,

 interesting short stories : Story of magician in english

interesting short stories

interesting short stories

The magician came to the village for the first time, but when he arrived in the village, he liked that village very much, he was thinking that if he stops in this village then it will be very good, he showed magic in the village too. It was, all the people were very happy to see his magic, the magician was also watching that the people here are very naïve, if they stopped here, would be very good, but before that we scare the villagers Will happen, “interesting short stories”


Because if this is not afraid, then no one will stop me here, so the magician made the atmosphere in the evening, so that everyone was afraid, they had no solution, so all the people met together, Went to the magician when he went to the magician, then he started saying, ‘We have seen a ghost today, he is troubling us, if you help us, then it will be very good, the sorcerer said that if you If you want help, then you Will help, but you will obey me one thing, “interesting short stories”


All the people began to say, what you want to say, the magician said that in order to prevent that ghost from there, I want to live in this village, and you have to make the whole arrangement for my stay, all the people have After that, the wizard’s plan was successful, he was stuck on the same, he also dismissed the ghost, all the people were very happy, but the magician stopped at the same place, one in the same village The boy used to stay In sounded, “interesting short stories”


He went to all, he said that I do not understand anything, we have been here for many years, but we have never seen any ghost, but since this magician has come, from then on, the ghost is visible After that, he had also driven away the ghost, I feel that this ghost has called this demon here, because after that he also stayed on this, everything in it seems like a magician, some of us Understand that if it does not happen then that magic grace will stop at this


All the people were thinking about this, some of them were also keeping an eye on the magician, they feel that maybe all these magicians have done it, some time later they came to know that the magician is everything Had someone heard of the magician because he was convinced that the magician has done all this, now the matter was coming, that he should be removed from here, it would have been better if he did not If so, he will stop here forever , Which would not be a good thing, “interesting short stories”


Everyone said what to do now, the boy started saying, we have to talk about it, if he believes it is fine, otherwise we will remove him from here, all said, okay, we all All the people had come to that magician, the magician asked, what are you doing all over here, all said that you can not stay here, we all know, the magician said That, when all is known, then there is no need to worry about it is,


Everyone said that now you have to go from here, the magician was about to spell them all, the boy had caught him from behind, he knew that this could happen, everyone could see that magician Everyone was very happy, but all this happened due to the mistake of the villagers, because he was very scared, so he had come in the magician,

interesting short stories

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