King and Prince very short stories | English short stories

King and Prince very short stories | English short stories

King and Prince very short stories, You will like this story, a man comes to the prince, he wants to tell something, but before that the king comes in the room, the man goes from there, the King does not even understand why he is here had come,

King and Prince very short stories : English short stories

The king was roaming in his palace, only when the king’s eyes were on the window, he saw that there was someone on the window, but who could it be, the king saw under the window, but there was no sight, the king He could not understand anything, but he had seen someone, but he was not able to see that, the king could not even sleep that night, the king was very worried, the king had called a man, It was told that someone under the window, we Had seen from


But when he was seen, no one was there, the king asked that man to find out where he went, he went to see, but he had not even seen anything, but The king was saying that someone has come, but what place would he have gone, that man was looking at the palace, but he was not able to see anything, while the king also wanted to know what the man was Had been at the place, the king seemed too troubled,


Only then did the king go to another room, where the prince was asleep, when the king went there, the man was on the same, seeing the king, he jumped down from the window, the king had called everyone, and said to all Gaya, a man is roaming in the palace, who is not aware, he was seen in the room of the prince, everyone was very searching, but nobody had met, maybe he had gone, the king would be very worried Was getting, because he was in the room of the prince What was doing, the king was thinking about the old days,


He was worried about prince, he felt like he was not troubling the prince, but nothing could be said, it was evening, Raja had called the prince, the prince came After that, the king asked that someone had met you, someone whom you do not know, prince told that it was two days ago, I had met a man, he was watching me for a long time, when in Went to him, So he said that in the same way as his son,


Hearing this, Raj falls in love, he tells the prince that you have not left now, the king knows something, which he does not want to tell the prince, but the prince seems to have something, the father is hiding something. , Who did not want to tell me, but the prince had to tell him, so he goes after his father, the king goes to a room, and sees something, then he gets a picture, he sees it, only then The prince comes and says that what you are seeing here, the king says that you should not have come here,


The prince says that you know him, then the king says that you have seen him say, the prince says, that this is the same man who was saying that he looks like his son, but why do you have his picture The king says, did not want to tell in, but for a few days a man comes in the palace, he comes into your room after he goes, he is this man, prince says, that this is in my room Why come Land, King says, it is a long time ago,


When we went out of any work, only then this man had got it, this same gave me to you, this is your father, I have made you, because we did not have any children, so you had made a prince, but now Why did this man come here, while he had said that he would never come here, now the prince knows, then only that man comes from behind, says that in here only his son I see this, and do not need anything,

King and Prince very short stories

I was alone in that, now I miss it, I can not live without it, I only want to see it in that, the king was aware of this fact that now the prince has come to know, Therefore, the man had also asked the king to remain in the palace, the prince was also very happy that he lived with both, while the king knew everything, then he was keeping that man with him, because He knew that when someone was away Code is to feel. King and Prince very short stories, If you liked this story, you must share it,

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