Moral stories in english for class 6 and short adventure stories for class 6

Moral stories in english for class 6 and short adventure stories for class 6

Moral stories in english for class 6, All the boys studying in class 6 go to roam, they had to roam in the forest today, they did not know how long they can stay in the forest today, but they understood that they have to stay in the forest, All those boys had come to the forest today, but this forest seems very big, because before that the boys of class 6 could not stay here, it was night time, now they thought that we should put the tent , All of that It takes a tent together,

Moral stories in english for class 6

Moral stories in english for class 6

Moral stories in english for class 6

This tent was going to be very good, it was night, all the boys had made food, after that they had to stop, all the boys stayed in the forest, but they were afraid too, before they did not stay in the forest. They were not even able to sleep, all the boys of class 6 said, “We are not sleepy, what we have to do, because we are very scared, they could not do anything, they started thinking.” Is that we should wake up, all those fighting Wake up,

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After some time, they get a voice, whose voice is it, because it is forest, then there can be a voice here, they do not pay any attention to this, but after some time the voice of a lion scares them. Is, they get scared, how can a lion come here, all those boys are very scared now, because it is not easy to fight the lion, he is a lion, if he attacked, there could be a lot of problem, They don’t understand anything , He is sitting silent, but that lion is coming closer, he could see all the lions,

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All those students studying in class 6 had not seen the lion up close, they could not understand anything, this is the forest, how could the lion come in it, because if there were a lion here, this place would have been closed, But it is not so, how has this lion come, that lion was looking at everyone, but was not saying anything, the lion also knew that all those boys are very, if he attacks, he should also There can be trouble, all the boys think that if she The attack, he can do nothing,

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All those boys studying in class 6 are very scared, but after some time some people come, they see the lion, catch it, what happened, nothing was understood, all those people It is said that it came from another forest, now that lion was caught, now those boys were saved, because the lion was captured, all the boys studying in class 6 came, but he Did not know that this can happen today,

Moral stories in english for class 6

After some time those people go away, the lion also goes away, now they did not have any problem, because now there was no problem, but they could not even sleep, that was the problem in front of them, that they For the first time he has come here, as soon as the next morning, all the boys of class 6 go towards the house, he came to visit that place, but nothing could be done, because he was not good to roam, he got into trouble. Were if you liked this story , So you can share this story,

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