New life simple english story

New life simple english story | small story in english

New life simple english story, small story, This story gives life a new education, which tells us what we should do in life, to make life successful, we hope you will like this story,

New life simple english story

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New life simple story

I do not understand what you are doing, till you do nothing right till then nothing is good, I am very upset by explaining to you, if you did not do anything soon Nothing good would be good, but he was not ready to listen, it seemed to him that he always does the right thing, tomorrow is the matter, he had come to quarrel with someone, after that the people also came to him. He had come to fight,


It is not a good thing, but who could explain it to him, when Dad was very fed, then he decided, that today, he will not be in the house, he will take him to Guruji now, he can explain it It is because it does not believe in anybody’s matter, after some time the boy was run to Guruji, Guruji taught all, but he used to live in a hut in the forest, keeping everyone on the same Thereby giving them To be given correct education, some time later, both of them went to Guruji,


Guruji said that both of you are doing here, Dad said that after today, my boy will be with you, because it does not listen to anyone, we have understood it, but it is not ready to understand Now you explain, Guruji said that you do not worry. I will do something soon, in which it will be able to obey everything, and also be a good person, you can see its effect in one month, if you come here next, then perhaps it will be good,


The boy said, why do you worry? While I am doing fine, I do all the work correctly, but even then Father has sent it on, then Guruji asked me to tell me that what your mind feels like, the boy started saying that I play so much It sounds good, Guruji said that this thing is fine, but you can do some other work besides that, he started saying that I like to cook, Guruji said that it is very good,


Today you only cook for everyone, from which we can know how you make a meal, after that the boy starts cooking, when it is evening, then everyone is given food, all eat food, Guruji Even when eating mining, he likes them very well, because the boy had made a good meal, but in some matters the boy is not good, but there was a virtue in him, which could have praised him, Guruji. has Your food called and said very good,


I love your food very much, I think, if you listen carefully to some other things, and think about all those things, then you become a very good person, Guruji called that boy and Tell me, tell me, what do you think, if someone should give some work to a boy, and he does not do that work, then how do you feel, the boy says that this thing is not good, if you If you work, then You do not need, but Guruji said why do you believe, while you do nothing, you do not listen to anyone,


Only then that boy says that you are a Guruji, so you should listen to your point of view, do not listen to anyone other than you, then Guruji explains that it is not so, whoever is bigger than you, all of them should obey If you do this, then it is very good, the boy said that if you think so, then after all, I will definitely talk about everything, Guruji said that you make food very good, if everybody says this to you , Do you mine If you make a lot of good, then how will you feel,


The boy started saying that it is very good, in the same way if you do all the work well, then you will also accept all the good, now the boy was able to understand, he had come to know that what Guruji wants to say After that he started to listen to everything, he started learning from Guruji, when a month comes, Dad comes, so he feels very good, because his boy changed a lot. At first he was not sure, but when he saw it, he knew that his son had started to obey everything, now he was very happy,

New life simple english story | small story in english

There are some things in life that are not good, so stay away from them, because doing so makes your life very good, New life simple English story, small story in english, if you liked this story, you must share it, and We also tell,

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