New short stories in english : Story of village in english

New short stories in english

New short stories in english, Story of village, This story will appeal to you, in this story there is talk between the people of the village and the king, they come to all the king of the village, they have a problem, but the king is not in the palace at that time,

New short stories in english : Story of village in english

The king will listen to us, we talk to them and talk to them, this should be known to the king, whenever any trouble comes to us, then the king only removes our problem, the king will not be able to take care of us, then our Who will keep the attention, if we tell this thing to the king today, it will be very good, as long as we talk about things, the more problems will increase even more, all together go to the king, but the king Is not the solution, it is a few days out, all was we felt today late,


We should go back now, because the king is not here, when the king comes, we will meet, thinking all the same things go back, but what is their problem, we know this thing, some days ago in the village some The effect of which had fallen on the village, was stolen in the village, due to which all the villagers are now scared, they think that this was the first time in the village, but why has it happened? Thing to understand, when No one will know, till then the trouble will continue, to tell the king,


But there is no king yet, nothing can be done yet, till the king does not come, nothing will happen, but it is not known whether or not the king will take time to come, if we did not do anything It may also happen that next time the village gets stolen, it is not known who is doing this theft, we have to find the thief, we do not know this, how long will the king, everyone had thought right, they felt like this , He can surely protect your village.


Some people started guard at night in their village, so that the thief could not steal in the village, when it happened in the morning, it was known that it was stolen in the village, all the people felt that such a It should not be done, but it was done, what to do now, we had done our best, but still we have been stolen here, who has stolen it, it has not been known It seems that the thief is from our village, because we all So were guarding outside the village, no one came to the place,


It is to think about this, since no thief came from outside, it was all we were thinking wrong, that thief is not from outside, but it is in our village, the village that we love very much, thieves also in the same village That is, we have to tell this thing to our king, only then we will know who can be the thief. Thinking that everyone had gone to the king, the king had also returned, when the king came to know about this, he was very sad, the villagers looked upset,


After this the king told the soldier that a thief was to be searched, the thief was caught next night, when the thief was stolen in a house, then he was captured, when the thief was caught, the villagers were very caught He was happy, because he was very upset because of the thief, now the thief was caught, now he did not have to worry, when everyone is worried about the village, then he can do a lot for him,


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