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Reading stories

It is a story of confidence, reading stories, you will love this story, when a work is done with self-confidence, it is definitely full,

Confidence story : reading stories

There was a sudden problem in a village, the main reason for this was not known to anyone, but the idea of ​​all the people was that if we could not overcome this problem then what will happen, When the problem is not understood, then what can be done, if we talk about all the past, then no one knew that the lion would come, our man would be gone, not till today Had happened, but now is not good,


We have to solve this problem, what must be done for it, first we have to think something, unless we do not know such a thing, by which we can solve the problem, then we will not have to leave the house for a few days, Because if this happens, then the lion will again take someone, but how long will we all be able to live in the house, we too have many things, it is not a matter, we have to think something else, then the lion’s voice comes, After that all the people Is hidden in the house, because there will not be facing Tiger,


When they think that the lion is gone, then they all come, then say, that this is not life, if everyone has to be safe, then we have to catch the lion, if the lion is not caught, then no one will No one can understand what to do, it does not understand anything, only then everyone made a plan together to catch the lion, but this task was not easy, that lion is very fast, if any mistake happens then it is not Will leave, be afraid, catch the lion When the lion came, he had caught some man, the rest ran away, it was not easy, he understood.


Then one of them said, ‘We have heard that a saint lives in a remote village, he can help us, all the people say about him, that this saint removes all the problems, if we do If you come here, he can do something, but it is very dangerous to go out of the village, the lion is roaming here, if he knows that if someone is out, then the lion will catch him, To think about going,


When the night was over, a man started saying, “Let’s go to another village, you should point out to that lion, so that he will come here, and by the morning he will reach the village with them, It was only that the man had gone, when the man went, he had reached another village, when he reached the village, he met the saint, when he told the whole thing to the saint, he had understood that in the village a lot The trouble is, he was in the morning with that man They went away, when they arrived, it was early in the morning, at that time the lion was not there, but it could come at any time.


Everyone was very happy after seeing the saint, but how will you do this Saint, because the lion does not listen to anyone, he himself comes and goes, the saint said that you do not worry Now, the lion will not do anything here, the lion came after some time, the saint saw the lion and he started growing, the saint was watching the lion, the lion was moving ahead of him, all the people are now very much Were very afraid,


Everyone said that you will retreat. Because the lion can attack anytime, all the people ran away, then the saint said that there is no need to flee, all the people stand here, the lion sat down to the saint, how was it, lion How did this happen, how did it happen, while the lion does not listen to anyone, after some time the lion had gone away, he did not take anyone from there, today it was the first time, The lion has not taken anyone, while he Draws In,


After that everyone asked the saint how it happened, the saint said that I told the lion that this is not your place, you should go to the forest, after that he will never return, all the people were very surprised , The saint of the saint was considered as a lion, after that the lion had never come to that village, even the saint had reached the village, this problem had now completely disappeared,


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