Story of scary house, short scary stories

By | January 12, 2019

short scary stories

Story of scary house, short scary stories, This story is of a house, which was very scary, no one wanted to go in it, but when all this said that there is a ghost in that house, then some boys wanted to go to that house and see how much Right, everybody goes in, you will like this story,

Story of scary house : short scary stories

I am not going to go into that house today, I did not know that the house is very scary, whatever was heard about that house, it seems to all those things that the house is closed for years I do not think anybody has ever been in that house, when the house is closed, why are I being asked to go to that house, everyone said that we all know that that house is very much It’s scary, but it does not know until someone goes to that house, what is in the house,


Because everybody says that the house is very scary, but no one wants to go to that house, till no one will go, till then nothing will come to know, but the boy said, do not want to go in Yes, you too can go, we can also do that, all go together, when we go together, we will not even be afraid, when we are not afraid, we can also know this, What can be done in that house, everyone likes this idea So everyone was ready to go,


The next day all the people had come there, they look very scary in the house, everyone seems to be like this, that when this house was closed, no one had gone to that house since then, this house is closed, So nobody thinks about going, but when everyone has thought that we have to go inside the house, then all of us will go to that house today, all were ready, and together they started going inside the house The house was very messy, because it was very long time,


All went inside, when they got inside, they were scared too, that fear was that house, all the things in the house were still kept, but no one came here, one of them said that, I have seen something right above, but what have you seen above, I feel like someone is above it, when everyone listened to this, before it was scared, but who could be above, everyone asked In the room, all went to that room,


But no one was seen, there is no one here, but in this room I was feeling, somebody is watching, who is here, all of us have come to see this, but no one is there, so Why did not happen, I do not know anything, I think that he must have gone to another room, because there is no one here, everyone went in and saw, but all the rooms were empty, no room was there, But I had seen that there is no room in it, but he said Would have been,


There is nothing here, but everyone was feeling like there is someone who is watching us, he is not able to see it, but there is someone who we have a look at, all said that we have everything here Have seen, we should go from here, we do not think there is anyone here, but it is not okay to stay here, all the people had come out of that house because they did not find any, but the ghosts were Whether or not they did not know about this,

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