Life story of a boy, short stories for boys

By | December 26, 2018

Short stories for boys

Life story of a boy, short stories for boys, Dad explains to the boy in this story, that we should know a lot of things in life, from which we move on in life, if we do not understand all the things on time, then we have to face many problems in life, You will like this story,

Life story of a boy : short stories for boys

This is the story of a boy, he had a lot of trouble in life, because he could not understand anything, he wanted to be something in life, but how he walked on that road, he could not understand anything, His studies had just been completed, but his life was not aimed as he had not thought of anything about it, his father came, explaining to him, that if there is no goal in your life, then you in your life Can not do anything,


You have completed your studies right now, you have to think about what to do, if you are late in thinking, then you can spoil your life, in life you feel that you will meet many opportunities, but this Happens when you want to do something in your life, you have to make a change in your life, it is not easy, but when you do your best, you can do it, therefore life time should not be spoiled, it is Ours Daddy had understood the point, he also thought that he would work hard,


After that he goes out of the house, but his thoughts change as he goes out, whatever he tells his father, he does nothing, why was this happening to him, he does not understand anything He was able to do whatever he said, he could not do anything when he comes home, his father says, I explained to you, but nothing has come to your understanding, one from it You did not even work,


You just listen to the talk, then forget it, how long will it run, you do not understand anything, why do you do that, that boy says, I had heard your point very carefully, but for a while After that, when I went to do that work, I was not feeling like I was out of the house after that, Dad said that everything seems easy to you, but this is not easy, you should think, because whatever You do it, it’s just your A do, if you want to do good, and he will draw you work, so the Think first, then go ahead,


He used to like it after listening to Dad, but then he forgot everything, this thing was public, in the next morning he resolves to do any work, he starts it, he keeps doing that work But after a while he gets tired, after which he starts resting, when he took rest, it was a long time, which was not a good thing, he could not complete the work, he thought it was yesterday Sure, I’ll finish it the next day Does the,


Today, he had accomplished that work only, but he was the public, that he would surely fulfill it, after two days he saw that he had completed the work, he was feeling good today, because he himself He had completed the work, he was also having some difficulty in Start, even after all those difficulties, he had been working, when he went home, his father came and started saying that today you did a good job, today I think you can do everything, but it Remember to keep in mind that you have to do all the good things in life, so that your life can be successful only,


After some time, he was running his life well, it was because he could do all that today, he had done many things with his hard work, after whose success he had become a good man in life If we look carefully, if we have to do anything in life, then we must work hard, if you work hard, then success in life is sure, it can also happen, that you do not have anything in the beginning, But if you constantly do it, you can do it easily Only then do you succeed in life,


If you also want to do something, then the right path in life is the same, it is hard, if you do, then you can definitely get success in life, so start working from today, you will succeed soon, if You liked this story, you must share it, and by commenting, also tell us,

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