Short stories in english for students, He will not talk

Short stories in english for students

He will not talk, Short stories in english for students, This story is of two friends, which is a very good friend, but one thing talks off between the two, you will love this story,

Short stories in english for students

Short stories in english for students

Short stories in english for students

Today was not very good today, today I had to stand in class too long, all this happened because of the Ranjit, if he did not talk to me, then the teacher could never see me, he did I had seen and stood up, I would not talk to Ranjit, I had a lot of trouble today, till Ranjit is not a preset, I will not talk to him till he was in the evening,, only then Ranjit came to the house Was


But he was not talking, Ranjit too felt that all this happened due to him, so he started saying, ‘Talk to me, I know that all this has happened because of me,’ If you feel it, I apologize for that, but this thing has to be eliminated on this, only then we can be called a good friend, but he was not ready to listen to anything, today he was not feeling good, he The same thing was missing, which happened in school, and The day had come to school, but she was not sitting near Ranjit,

Difference of thought story

He was sitting separately, Ranjit was probably feeling bad, he knew he was his good friend, but he would not talk, he could not even feel good, when he was coming home from school, Ranjit Asked his friend, when you feel bad, then ask for forgiveness for you tomorrow, but you are not talking to me, this is not a good thing, we are friends, you know this thing, he Said that I know that we , But did you do that,


While it should not be done, when we are both friends, then what you got by doing so, you should have thought that if you talk, then the teacher will see me, but you did not think, you talked, It was after that which was not supposed to be, but you do not understand anything, now Ranjit had understood the whole thing, why his friend is angry, but any benefit from thinking about what happened Will not be One was, will not do it now, it is something we will remember, were the two became friends after that,

How to write good short story writing

The next day the two friends were sitting together, both were doing very well, because they were both friends for a long time, today’s day went well, because their friendship was again, but tomorrow it will not happen, Whatever the more talk, it can not be easily, Ranjit was talking again the next day, but his friend was saying this, today I am seeing a teacher again, I think, today again To be the same thing The teacher is there, some time later the teacher came to him,


He asked, what is the matter, you are talking again, you had been standing out a few days ago, but you are talking again today, you do not listen to anyone, due to which the trouble is not for everyone. That is why you go out and stand again, that was what happened to her, she was scared, now Ranjit was feeling that today she will not talk again, how long This will continue, nothing can be understood,

Story of understanding

Talking in, and my friend stands out, things will never be talked from now, because I do not have trouble with this, but my friend gets upset, things have come down after that day, because Ranjit It was understandable, that should not be done,

Short stories in english for students

He will not talk, short stories in english for students, Short stories in english for students, if you liked this story, you can also share it,


New story of two students

Two students had come very far while talking, they both see that they have come very far, they had to go back, now it was too late, both students could not go back, They were talking about it, so he came so far, it was very difficult to follow him, now it is too late, he goes to a nearby park, till he finds no means, he Can stay at the place,

Life’s trouble story

It was night time, after some time both the students wanted to sleep, he slept in a park seat, he knew that now no one was going to get any means, so he slept in the park itself, After some time, they get a voice, whose voice is this, their sleep opens, they see that maybe two people have come to the park, who can be both, they hide to see, both of them He is a thief, now he comes to know, these two students came by, there have been hiding,

Short stories in english for students

They see both the students after some time, then some people were looking for the thief, both those students go to them, they tell that the thief is in the park, now they come to know that the thief is said, that thief They are caught, it was all due to those two students, if they do not stop in the park, then the thieves are not caught, thus they stay with someone till morning, they leave the next morning, they When both are at home, they are asked that they Were what place he is both telling everything, if you liked this Short stories in english for students, then share the link must.


New Short stories in english for students

The student sees that the shopkeeper is doing something wrong with the goods of others, that the person who came to pick them up was not paying attention to the shopkeeper, so he did not know that something was going wrong with him. He has reduced his belongings, he had kept the shop stuff low, then he says that your stuff is done, you can take your things,


The man gives him the money and after that he goes away with his goods, but he sees the student, that the shop owner is selling very little with everyone, while he is taking all the money, now the student thinks, That I should talk about this, goes to talk to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper says that you don’t mean anything by this, I haven’t done anything, you can do your work, bother me To do Don’t need to go away from here,


The student goes away, but he thinks that this shopkeeper will always do wrong with everyone, so should tell everyone about it, if it doesn’t happen then everyone will get upset, after a few days, the student will again go to that shop He goes and stands up, the shop owner prepares the goods of others, when he has finished the stuff, he tells the man that your luggage is done, you can take this stuff, that  says that your stuff, but I know that your luggage is found to be very low, which may cause you trouble.


You see your stuff here, the man sees the same, then after that he comes to know that there is very little stuff in it, this shopkeeper is doing a lot wrong, so he tells everyone about it, The shopkeeper gets punished, because of which all their problems were solved, everything was done due to the same student, the shopkeeper has understood that this guy has done all this, that’s why I It is a problem, But the boy had done his job, because he knew, no one should have any problem, so he was always ready to help, all the people tell him to the boy, that you can overcome our problems. Is done

Short stories in english for students

If you do not pay attention, then this shopkeeper always keeps less in our luggage, we have problems and must have been doing it for a long time, the student tells that I had said before that you should not do this job. , But he did not listen to me and said that you do not have any meaning with this thing, so I thought that I have to do everything, if it is going wrong anywhere, then you talk about it, because will reduce the discomfort of others, this Short stories in english for students has been like to share further comment.

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