Story of understanding, short stories in english for students

short stories in english for students

Story of understanding, short stories in english for students, This story is prudent, when we do such a thing, that all benefit greatly, then we think that what we will gain from doing so, but it should not be done, thinking about everyone, many You need to work, so that everyone can work, you will like this story,

Story of understanding : short stories in english for students

The student used to help everyone, whatever he had seen, if he had thought that he needed help, he used to help him, he believed that if we go on helping everyone, He is always good with us, he had to believe that, some friends were upset with him, because when he used to call him, if he was helping someone, he would have been very angry, so he would be very upset with her. Were but a friend of her always lived with her, because she believed that, you always do good work, one of them was new,


He always used to be angry with Johnny, because Johnny used to help others, one day came to the new Johnny, the new person told Johnny why do not you leave this job, you do not have any advantage, but rather Your time is reduced, Naveen said that you remember that on that day there was an examination, you had come late, Johnny said that on that day he was crossing the road, because he was struggling to walk Was there I was delayed because of the mistake, the new said that this is what I am saying, that you should leave this work,


Naveen was refusing because it was the main reason that Johnny was liking everyone, Johnny’s work looked good to everyone, no one was paying attention to the new one, that’s what Johnny wanted Leave everything, everything would be fine, but Johnny did not believe it, but Johnny wanted it too, even the newer did all this, so that everyone could get all the help, but the new did not want to do all this , He goes there,


Naveen noticed that Johnny was helping someone again, looking at Johnny helping him, he was very angry, he comes to Johnny, he says, do not go to college, Johnny says Let’s go, we should help it, but seeing it all goes new, new understanding was that she will always do this, and it will go away, I will have to think something, only then something will happen, the next day Went to the new park, Johnny was moving, while useless to talk to Johnny,


He was just thinking, what should be done like this that Johnny leaves everything else, but Johnny gets some notice, Johnny rushes on there, new gets it, definitely someone will need help, So he ran away, what should I do, to help him, he should go, the new one is sitting at the same time, it is too late, but Johnny has not yet come, after that the newer also goes to that place, When the new person sees that someone is falling down Come, Johnny was able to help him, while carefully innovative saw, he who is so innovative was very sad,


The new sees that he is his father, who was raising Johnny, if Johnny did not help, then how his father felt, now it was a new understanding, help is very important, because we do not know that Who needs help when today, Johnny has shown, it is very important to help, since that day, the Naveen also started helping all of them, because he had understood that this work is very good, And everyone needs it,

short stories in english for students

When both college came together, he had become a very good friend, now he was saying all to new ones, whatever John does, everything is good, when everyone heard this, all people are very happy Had become, because whoever did not believe, was accepting everything today, so, like the new one, we should all help, it is very necessary,

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