Short stories in english : Story of meeting | English story

Short stories in english | English story

Story of meeting, short stories in english, This story is of two friends, which suddenly fall apart, they feel that they will surely get many years later, but after a lot of time they meet very hard, they will like the story of their meeting,

short stories in english : Story of meeting 

short stories in english

short stories in english

Both boys thought that, whenever we go out, we will not forget anybody, it was also a day when they had to go out, their father had now got a job at another place, whose Because they had to go, now the two friends had separated, they knew that they were very difficult to meet, but they did not want to be separated, but nothing could be done, they were still small, So both were separated ,


The time had passed, it was not known, in which city they are now, but they knew that we could meet at any time, but there was no reason to meet, they had to change, No one could meet anyone, now he was big, but he did not know where he was at, both got jobs, both of them had got married, now their age was not small , His age had increased, but he knew that one day it will come, When he will definitely meet, but when that day will come, he did not know it,


The time had passed too much, as they had thought, that nothing had happened, their children grew up, their marriage was fixed, but both of them had not yet met, what was happening His age had increased, but he had yet to meet, there was no way to go, because at which place he could find, he could not understand anything, now he thought that, maybe he is no longer I’m going to get them now I was feeling,


Many years have passed today, but my friend said, we both have not yet met, how can this happen, what we thought was not what it was, we thought that we both would definitely meet But nothing was done like that, that was going on thinking that, it seemed to him that, now we will not meet, he is seated in one place, all the work has been done well, the children are also married It has happened, our age has increased, but friend Is not found,


One person was sitting at the place where he was sitting, he was thinking something, but he did not know what he was thinking, he started asking him what he was thinking, he saw her And asked, why are you asking this, he started saying, what can our thinking be fulfilled, because even thinking about his friend, he would not have known now, we must have said that the city Had left,


But we did not think that we would never meet in life, hearing this, the other man started saying, ‘You are talking about something when he told everything, then the other man started saying, Many years had passed, I too would have liked that both of us would never be able to meet, but now we both have met, hearing this, the man started saying, ‘I will meet you here, I did not know’ Today he met the two friends, but this After were today also passed many years,

Short stories in english | English story

When one meets the fate of someone, he definitely meets, so we should always try, no one can forget, if you liked this Short stories in english, then you can share, and we can also tell.


He helps everyone in english story

Where did he live now, you told me a short story a long time ago, we are going to meet a lot of people who work, he remembered now, what he wants to say, he The man is very good, we have to go to meet him, you know, whoever he finds upset, he brings him home, gives him work, he has put his life in the well being of all, meeting him. You are very good.


After some time both of them come to him, because he wants to meet the man whom they had heard about, he comes to him after a long time, that man sees them, then asks, “Who are you?” Ho, why have you come here, they both say that we have come to meet you, because you are a very good man, you help everyone, who cannot meet you, all think well for you, The man says, There is no such thing,

Short stories in english | English story

I want to do well for everyone, because I think everyone should help, if we don’t help, maybe someone’s life can be affected, if we help, then its life is good Maybe, so I do all this, it was very nice to hear his talk, because he came to know that he wants to do everything good, his talk was affecting everyone, if you If you liked this story,

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