Short stories with good morals : Still waiting for her story

Short stories with good morals

Still waiting for her story, Short stories with good morals, This story belongs to a boy who helped someone, after that he goes, the boy waits for him, you will like this story,

Still waiting for her story : Short stories with good morals

The boy was going through the way, he did not know, that someone is coming from the front, when the boy saw that, the man had fallen down, the boy asked, did not hurt you anymore, The man said, I do not see him, so fell, the boy started thinking that he has made a big mistake, that man can not see, but I did not see him in a hurry, so be it went,


The boy started saying to you, but you have to go, you can leave me, the man began to say that my house is nearby, if you walk with me, it will be very good, that boy said to walk with you , then both of them started walking together, some time later the man’s house had come, the house was not feeling very clean, the man started saying that you sit, come in now, when I saw that Man is making tea, so also help in Was gone,


The man came and said, ‘Why have you come here, you sit on the same side with the tea,’ the boy said, ‘It is not a good thing, that you bring tea and make it sit in, the man started saying’ You are a very good boy, because you are worried about everyone, so you have come with me, in which class do you study, the boy started saying that I am now studying in four classes, you are very good, your mother Set-up It will also be good, because everyone who helps everyone is very good,


The boy said that I do not know, but I think it is very good to help everyone, so why do I do this, after talking for a while, the boy started saying that I had to walk, it was too late I have walked in, but I will be coming every day to meet you, after that the boy had gone, but he did not forget this visit, he used to visit every other day, he had become his friend , She eat her He used to carry lots of things,


One day he had come to meet the man, but he was not at home, his neighbor said, maybe he has gone from here, now he will not be able to meet anyone, because he has gone to his village, when he has somebody He had gone with him, he went with his luggage too, the boy asked if you know what village he went to, the man said, I do not know, because at that time Not here, boy returned home Is, but her miss him, because he had become his best friend,


The boy had come home, but today he was not feeling anything good, he felt like this, he did not know that he has gone away, he had spent a lot of time together, he should have told me, He was not feeling good even today, he went to that place the next day, but he had not found anybody there, the boy had grown too, he used to go there almost every day, but he never Did get


This thing has passed 20 years ago, but it has not come even today, when it will not know, the boy feels like it will come one day, but he does not know who will be the day, but he is still waiting for her,

Short stories with good morals

Do you know when he will return, if you know, then we must definitely tell you, Still waiting for her story, Short stories with good morals, if you liked this story, then you definitely share this story, tell us also by commenting, waiting for your comment,

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