Good things story of life, short stories

short stories in english

Good things story of life in english, short stories in english, This story belongs to a boy, whose father explains some things, but he does not want to understand things. You will like this story,

Good things story of life : short stories in english

short stories

short stories

He did not listen to anyone, he was called one day, when he came, he asked what you want to talk, all told him, why do not you want to listen to anything, if ever in life If there is any problem, your experience will work only, but you do not want to understand, if you keep walking like this, then nothing will be achieved, when you remember it, it will be very late,


He says, that I do not like this thing well, you always explain to me, which is not a good thing, so I am going from here, he goes, his father says, do not understand this thing I want to think of some more remedies, to understand this thing, Dad goes out, he sees that where his boy goes, he follows him, he sees that he is a river Sits on the shore, now the father. think the same is, it has to be disturbed by our things, so it sat on, we knew it should not bother,


For some time the father sees him, what he does, he is sitting near that river, when it is evening, he walks in the house, Dad goes after him, he is unable to understand anything, What our child thinks, what he wants, until we know this thing, we will not talk about it, after some time we will know why he does not want to understand something It was time, Dad understood something having had,


We have to see some other way to explain to him, then he can understand the point, he called the boy to him, when the boy came, he said that, you will talk the same again, so I do not listen to this. That is, Dad said that sit down, we talk more, first you have to tell, what do you like, do not you like good things, if that is so, you can tell me, boy Said that you So lets come,


It was a few days ago, in my class, when the teachers did not come, a boy told me that unless the teacher comes, we talk, but I told him that if the teacher Suddenly, what will happen, we should not talk, he was not accepting my talk, he had started talking, the teacher had come only after some time, he saw me and asked, you talk Why are you doing, while everyone is calm Security was, do you not listen, so you can go out,


I said to them that I have not done this, but he was not accepting my opinion, since then it was understood that nothing good happens in doing good work, it does not have any benefit, whereas I have I did not, but I was punished, so I do not want to do any good work in that, only then father said that it is wrong to think that. When you do good work, its result comes some time later, therefore, should continue to work well, it should not be considered beneficial,

short stories in english

Maybe now the boy understood the point, it seemed like he was saying that father is right, we should always keep up the good work, from which we have always been good, after that he used to do his good work, Even did not worry about the matter, Good things story of life, short stories, if you liked this story, then you can share it further,

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