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Short story in english, That boy came to the village for the first time, he saw all the people helping, he liked the village very much, he wanted to stay in the village itself, the villagers asked him where you came from, because you don’t live here , The boy says, I have come from another village, I like this village very much, so it seems, I can stop here, the villagers said that you can stop here, the boy said that I work Have to do too, but one kiss Not stood, he says Farmer, you can stay with me, “moral stories in english”

Short story of farmer and boy : Short story in english

Short story in english

Short story in english

“Short story in english” Because I live alone here, no one is with me, the boy becomes happy, because he has got a house now also, he used to live in that house, when the farmer went to the farm, that boy Also used to go along, the farmer was helped a lot, that’s what the farmer says, since you have come to me, my life has changed since then, I didn’t think anyone could come in my life, Some time had passed, that farmer used to think, now I have to The boy’s habit looks very good, it will be very good if he gets married, the farmer asks the boy, you should get married, “moral stories in english”

King and Prince very short stories

The boy says, you are right, I was the only one in the village where I lived before, no one was with me, I used to think, no one is with me, he is People used to say, do not think you are alone, but I did not like it even when they were there, so I moved here from that place, you gave me work, you kept me in your house, everything looks good, Today I have everything,

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You have given me all this, if you want, you should also get married, the farmer becomes happy, after a few days the marriage was also done, now everything was going well, the farmer was very happy, he got a The boy was found, who used to serve him, also sees the work of the farm, now the farmer had no problem, all the problems had gone away, the farmer no longer went to work, because the boy saw the work Was, the farmer had no worries, all went well,

Short story in english and moral stories in english

One day the farmer was sitting, all the people were with him, he was saying, your luck has changed, you didn’t even think, you have got everything, the farmer says, you are right, because I Did not think, I can get everything good in my life, everything changes when luck changes, so only good things in life can change everything,


Second story of farmer and boy : Short story in english, moral stories in english

The farmer was working hard in his field, but he was unable to work, he was thinking, there is not even a boy to help me today, I have explained to him, he should also do farm work, but he does not listen Is, he is spoiling his life, if he does not work hard, he will get nothing in life, the farmer comes home, he tells the boy, you should think something, if you do not pay attention to work, So trouble in life Programming can,

Short stories in english for students

The boy says, I don’t like the work, so I don’t want to do it, the farmer says, if you think about all this, nothing will happen in life, that boy ignores the matter, but one day The farmer gets sick, he is unable to do anything, he sees the boy, my father cannot do anything, because he is not well, I have to go to the farm, then he goes to the farm, but Nothing happens to him , He knows he can not work, because he is ever it did not work, he is upset, does he remember his mistake,

Short story in english and moral stories in english

He knows, if he pays attention to work, it is probably good, because today he is having trouble, he is not able to help his father, today he did not feel anything good, that work is very difficult. He was doing it, it was evening, he comes home, his father knows that the boy has worked hard, he does not find it useful, but he was still doing it, he says to the boy, working Doing everything can make the boy happy, he understood, was to concentrate on her work, if you liked this Short story in english and moral stories in english, then Share,


Akbar and Birbal Short story in english

Birbal ji you don’t know, Akbar is going to come here, because he was looking at you, you should go to him, Birbal was also feeling, Akbar is looking for him, so he goes to Akbar, but After some time Birbal is caught, how it happened, Birbal did not understand, who caught Birbal, he says, we have waited a lot to catch you, he was our man, who You have with us sent it,


Birbal understands everything, but he should have thought about how Birbal would have to get out of here, Birbal is not knowing anything yet, but he can soon find out what It must have happened, Birbal sits in one place, they do not know which place he is, Birbal finds a man, he has been in that place for a long time, he tells Birbal, it is very difficult to get out of here. Is, Birbal says, who are you, The man says, I got here, the matter was something did not work in Akbar’s palace,


These people have brought me from the same, now Birbal understands everything, they have brought everyone here, Birbal says, I don’t know you, because I came much later, in Akbar’s palace itself I work, my name is Birbal, the man says, he has brought you here too, it is not a good thing, Birbal says, we must go out of here, but that man says, this is very Difficult, how can we get out of here, Birbal says, this work has to be done, because if it does not happen, then he can catch Akbar also,


The man says, if you want to do the same, here you have to pay attention, after some time when he brings the food, he will be caught, you go out because by the time he has me, Birbal everything. Understand, because they had to go out, the man brings food, the man catches it, Birbal goes out, Birbal goes out very hard, when he goes out, he goes to the palace. , Because all this Akbar will tell, after a while is only told a few go to Akbar, all of them, Akbar shows something when all, he called the captain, as soon as captain after a while,


Akbar says to the commander, you should go with Birbal, this is the place where you are telling about, because they were caught, we also have to find out who those people are, Birbal’s The commander goes along, but at the place where the commander and Birbal come, nothing happens, Birbal does not understand anything, what is happening here, there is no one here, the commander says, There is nothing here you need, it is often heard Birbal understand everything,


He says to the commander, don’t you worry, you can see everything here, the fire is burning here, people will be here a while back, everything has changed here, commander says, how it should be Maybe, where has everyone gone, Birbal says, all this will happen, when I ran away from here, they must have come to know about this, so they are all banished from here, while they knew , Akbar can also come here after some time, the commander says, Now it is understood, but what should be done, Birbal says, we have to catch them,


But he is not at this place right now, when he comes here, we will catch him, Birbal says, we have to go from this, at some distance, the commander and Birbal hide, because Birbal knows that they all He was in a hurry from here, so he will definitely come here, after a while, all those people come, seeing this, the commander says, you know everything, all those people have come, Birbal says, now hold them Be taken, all the people get caught Is, everyone is brought before Akbar,


Akbar says, why have you done all this, you also caught Birbal, you have caught the man of our palace, you can be punished, you have to tell all this, he all says, we hold you Wanted, but this dream was not fulfilled, Birbal ji had come in front, so could not catch you, we wanted to come here, wanted to get you out of the palace, Akbar gets angry on hearing this, that punishment Let’s give all this Was due to Birbal,

Short story in english and moral stories in english

If Akbar does not save Birbal from that place, then Akbar would be caught, Birbal says, all this happens for Akbar, because we do not want our king to get into any trouble, until Akbar says You are in our surface, as long as there is no problem, if you liked this Short story in english and moral stories in english, then Share,


short stories in english for students

Both the students were going to their house, then their eyes are on an old man, the old man was sitting, he had nothing, maybe he was hungry, so he was asking for food, but no one could eat him. Was not giving, both of those students were looking at him, one of them goes to the old man and says that, you are hungry,


I feel like you are hungry, so I want to give you food, the old man started saying that I have not eaten anything for 2 days, feeling hungry, if you have food, give me food You can, then that guy says that I have food left, you can eat it, that old man eats that food, his hunger is gone, that old man says that I have anything No, I was thinking that I who will eat, but you both came and gave me food


You are a very good boy and you will go ahead in life, both of those students say that you are alone, that is why, because whenever the trouble comes, when we are alone, we have nothing, our No one is ready to help, the old man says, “There is no such thing, I was not alone, but left me, because I had become a burden on them, because of which I am alone.


Now I can barely store food for myself, both the students say that you go home with us, we can do something for you, on hearing this, the old man says that you are very good, Joe That you are listening to me, many people do not even have time to listen, you want to give me work, so that my problem is overcome, if everyone’s thinking is like yours, then there is no one in the world.

Short story in english | short stories in english for students

Both students take him home, he gets a job, after which he never goes hungry, we should also do good work in life, so that our troubles can be overcome, he was very good thinking of both students, Which was very good for him,


short stories with moral values

All these small idols remain very good, you make very good idols, the man says, I make idols very well, but I do not get good prices of idols, due to which I would be upset. I do not understand what I should do, that boy says that your idols are very good, you make them very well, “short stories with moral values”


But you cannot get their price, this is why you have to leave this place, because there is not a rich man in this place, who can buy your idols at a good price, so I tell you a place where You can get good prices, that man says that I do not have enough money, that I can live in that place, I live here very hard, that boy says, such a thing Yes, I can arrange your stay, I know that you are working very hard.


In life you are working so hard that you can get good fruits, but you are not getting that good price, so I am ready to help you, that man looks at the boy, he thinks that, It is helping me, but I do not even know, then that boy says that this is not the case, we must do everything in life, it is very important to help everyone, I was feeling That you work you’re doing, but you’re not getting hard bargain, so you will be in town to sell the statue,

short stories with moral values | Short story in english

After that you can get good prices, the man is happy to hear this and that boy takes him to another city, due to which his idols are sold for a good price, and gradually he becomes rich, While he was very poor, all this was due to the boy, if that boy did not help him, he could never do anything in life, so everyone should help in life, it can also happen Is your item Is to change the lives of others, “short stories with moral values”


Story of king’s help : Short story in english

Short story in english, When the king looked back, no soldiers could be seen, it seemed, today he has fallen alone, now he cannot take help of anyone, he does not even have a commander while he is in his palace. They went along, why no one is with them now, the king did not understand anything, the king was worried about how he would reach his palace, “Short story in english”


Because he is now alone and no one is with him, the king saw that it was night, now he should walk towards the palace, but before going towards the palace he has to think this, he should not get into any trouble. , Because where all the soldiers and commanders have gone, the king did not know anything, the king was also thinking that he must have been left behind, he must have come forward, so that king wait, that maybe after some time The soldier Will reach me, but no one came even after waiting for a long time,


He saw that the generals could not be seen anywhere, now they would have to do everything in their own way, the king had understood that now he has to take his decision, because any problem can come. No one is visible yet. Therefore the king thought that now I should walk towards the palace myself. After some time the king starts walking towards the palace. The king sees a man coming on a horse. Who could he be. At first the king felt that he could be the general. But when he came close, he was not a general.


 He was a man who was going into the city. He looked at the king and asked what you are doing alone here, the commander is not even seen, then the king says that he does not know where all has gone, the king has now found a man to talk to. We could go further, the king saw that the man was talking very well, he lived in the same city as the king, the king did not know exactly who that man was, But man good today It seemed he was moving while talking,


Then the king saw that some people have stood up, he wants to catch the king, the king says that I did not know that some people are waiting for me here, he wants to attack me, then the man It says that you should not worry, you are a king, we are your subjects, so you do not need to worry, I confront them, the king thinks how much a man is getting worried for me, in the king and man. LKR give chase away all of them, then the king would reach the palace, says the man that you come to the palace with us, I think you’re having a lot of choice,


Because you helped me, so you have to tell everything about yourself, then the man says that I had gone out of town in search of work, but I could not find any work yet, so I went back to my house I was coming, then you got me on the way, I have nothing more to tell than this, now the king understood that he has got me out of this problem, so I should give him work, the king made him a soldier. Or, because he understood that he could do it all, after some time the commander and the soldiers also reached the palace, the king asked him where you all were, I was waiting for you, you are coming now ,

short stories with moral values | Short story in english

Then the commander says that something had happened behind us, due to which we had to stop there and you had come forward, due to which we could not know, you have reached the palace, the king understood the whole thing After that, the king said that after today this man will work with you, this is very good, and this is a very special man, sometimes in life we ​​get such people, about whom we know Doesn’t happen, but when we The seemingly about, we also know that he is very good. Short story in english


Short story in english for lion and donkey

Short story in english, The lion saw that a donkey is coming from the front, the lion says why have you come before me, that donkey says that I have come for the first time in this forest, so I do not know the rule here. But I am looking for a place in which I can stay, “Short story in english”


The lion said that you are new here, so you also have to know the rules here, you will not have to come in front of me, if you come in front of me, then there may be a problem for you, the donkey says, you told me , This is a very good thing, so the donkey says that I will never come in front of you now, the lion said that I have a lot of rules right now, which you should know, the lion said that you have food for me. Arrangements must, you’re new here, so you have to be aware of that, I hunt where.


Which can prove to be very good for me, the donkey said don’t worry, I will look for your food too, after that the lion said that it’s all right, you have to do more work for me, you know this I have to figure out where my prey is hiding, because I stay in the cave most of the time, so I can’t go out and search, you have to do this too, the donkey said, okay, I can do it too If I come If anyone else wants work from me, then I will do all the work, the lion said that you are very intelligent,


It seemed to me that you would not understand me, but you understood very quickly, the donkey says that I understand all things very well, but all people think of me as a donkey, but I am a donkey. , But I am also wise, the lion has said that it is okay, if you are saying such a thing, then I agree with you, after that the lion said that my food should be arranged quickly, because I feel hungry. Has been I do not know where the food is


Donkey said don’t you worry, I go in search of food right now, Donkey thinks lion considers himself too fast, I can fool him, I can live here, but I can rule myself. I will make it, the lion should not know, after some time the lion thinks, why I have not come to the food yet, where is the donkey, after some time the donkey comes, and says that I have found your prey. But bring me It is very troublesome,


The lion says no problem, tell me where the hunt is, the donkey said okay, come with me, I tell where the hunt is, after some time the donkey takes the lion to a place, There is a very big pit there, the lion says how is this pit, the donkey said that this is your prey, you have to go inside it and catch the prey, as the lion goes inside the pit, lion gets trapped And can’t get out, he After Donkey says, that you understand me stupid, while I am very smart,

short stories with moral values | Short story in english

Now you can never get out of here, you cannot face me, even though you are a lion, but you are a stupid lion, it is much more sensible in front of me, after that day, the donkey started to roam with great pride. Because he had overcome the lion too, this was known to all animals, and always kept away from the donkey, because he is very fast, and can easily fool others, this is what this story tells us. Is that in life Also should not be too weak to anyone, because no one can be sensible, Short story in english


Short story in english : New story of boy and wolf

Short story in english, I am very hungry, but my hand is not reaching the mango, his father says that if you try, you can catch the mango, after that you will get that mango, but the boy says to his father, Why should I try, if you can give me this mango, it can be very good for me, “Short story in english”


Father said that in life you will have to try, if you try yourself, you will know how many difficulties are there in life, how you have to face them, the boy was not able to understand this right now, because He used to understand that as long as the father helps me, I have no problem, that day his father helped him, gave him mango, after that he liked that mango very much,


One day the boy was playing, after that he sees a wolf, that boy sees the wolf, that boy is scared, he knows that coming towards me, I should run away from here, will attack me, There is no one here to help me, the boy tries to run away, but sees the wolf, a boy running away he chases him, the boy could not understand anything, because the wolf was in his way. behind- Ice was coming, today went to the front of her trouble, did not have any eye to his aid,


He used to make a voice, listen to the voice of the boy his father, he see where the voice is coming from, then the boy reaches his father, the boy says that I have got a wolf behind him, his father See, the wolf has come in front, he tries to drive him away, the wolf runs away and the boy is happy, because the wolf is not near him, the boy says, I am very afraid of the wolf It had stayed behind me, because of which I have to come here,

short stories with moral values | Short story in english

Then his father said that if you understood my words, it would have been great, you should try on your own, you should try to stay away from it, if you did something, that wolf could not come to you, The boy understood that we have to face many difficulties in life, after that we have to walk in life, so to walk in life you have to face difficulties. Is, then you know the right path. Short story in english


Donkey trouble Short story in english

Short story in english, This donkey seemed very upset, because he had a problem of eating, due to which he was thinking, where he would stay, because he was not getting food, he seemed very upset. He sees a man, the donkey stands near him, the man sees that the donkey has come to me.


He takes that donkey and goes to his house, thinks I can work with this donkey, brings the donkey home, so he gives it to him to eat, seeing that the ass becomes happy, thinking that I have found the owner. Is, which can take care of me, in the morning it happened that the man took the donkey and went towards the market, because he had to bring any goods, no ride, so he takes the donkey with him, on which he takes the goods Could have brought


Donkey was thinking that this man is taking work from me, but Donkey again thinks that he is giving me food too, so I should make it work, Donkey brings goods with him from the market, this donkey So I have a lot of work, the man also gets very happy with the donkey, has a lot of food for him, because today that donkey worked a lot, but slowly the donkey was understanding that I do not have to work much Want if i sine If I do work, then my health will deteriorate and I will be expelled from here also.


Because the donkey does not do much work, he was removed from the first place, again what happened is that the donkey was not ready to work, because of which the man gets upset, the man thinks that this donkey I have kept it, but it is not of any use to me, so I should not keep it with me, the donkey was removed from there, the donkey was away from home again, because the donkey is doing any work To do A was not ready,

short stories with moral values | Short story in english

Because of which no one kept him, in this life we ​​should work, if we do not work, no one will give us work, if this thing is understood by the donkey, then he never gave it away. could go. Short story in english,


Motu goat Short story in english

Motu saw today is a very good day, I should take my goat with him too, he takes his goat along, walks away from the village with him, because Motu does not leave his goat alone, he Stays together, when they were too late to walk, now they both wanted to rest, they do not see any good place, but at some distance there is a hut, anyone can be at that place ,


Motu goes to that place with his goat, Motu saw a man inside, he is sitting alone, Motu talks to the man, the man says, you two can come in, I live alone here Huh, after some time, Motu says, my goat has also come with me, seeing this man is happy, that man wants to get Motu’s goat, but it was not easy, he says to Motu, this You do not give goat to anyone, it is called Motu Yes, I have a lot of time, I like it very much, the man thinks, I can get this goat,


He tells Motu, you can bring water, Motu says, I can do this for you, because you have given me a place to stay here, Motu goes to get water, the man takes the goat, After that he leaves the place, Motu is not aware of this, when he comes back, he comes to know, there is no goat here, he thinks, that man has taken my goat. , Motu finds him,

short stories with moral values | Short story in english

After some time he gets the sound of goat, now he comes to know, where is that goat, Motu goes to the goat, the man runs away, because he sees, Motu has come, the goat gets to Motu. Got it, we should think this, we should not believe soon, because Motu did not know the man, so his goat could be away from him today, if you liked this story, share it,

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