Behind the voice, simple story for kids

Simple story for kids | English story

Behind the voice, simple story for kids, This story belongs to a few friends who meet a lot of time later, when they meet, they think that, when we have come here, then play a game, this is the time of the night, all the games One of them comes to play, some of which sounds like, about which he says, you will like this story,

Behind the voice : simple story for kids, English story

simple story for kids

simple story for kids

For the first time, all the friends in the village were together, because they used to get very little together, but for the first time this happened, they were all together, because with them they wanted to do one work, after which all of them Recalling the talk, they could always be happy, they all met and they wanted to play a game, all were just thinking about which game they can play, everyone said that we have met for the first time,


Before we met a lot of years ago, this opportunity is rarely received, all started playing together, all had been hidden, now everyone had to see everyone, it was evening time, everywhere There was no visible sight, one of them was looking, but he was not getting anything, because he was looking for everyone, but no one was getting it, how could this happen, all the people said , He was looking for them, one of them had met, he got only one , But there were still some friends,


He had to find them, he was looking for them, but something happened that he did not even know about, there was a lot of darkness in that place, because of which he was not able to see anything, but that room was empty She did not think that she had any, but she goes to that place, searches for everyone, but no one gets there, because there is probably no one over there, she starts going there sometime There was a voice, but after that Was stopped, it no longer seemed to have any, he sees them, are behind the voice,


He listens to the voice, but straps down, the place where the ladder is going, it seems that everyone is hidden on this, because this place can be there, in which place no one can see, Because this ladder is going down, the voice is also coming from this, I should also go down and see, she goes down, because the voice comes from the bottom, there was too darkness down, but no one can hide here. Something was out of the grasp. He uses the voice, but no sound comes, it does not mean anyone here,


He starts going up, a voice comes in, here he stops listening to the voice, but he does not go back, only he asks, who is there, but no voice comes, his voice After that he asks, why does he not speak, why he does not come, the voice comes again, he does not recognize that voice, because he is mixed with all friends, who is the voice of him, he does not understand That voice comes again, why do you go out? The area,


He does not listen to anything, and comes out, when he comes out, all the friends were outside, but who was he who was speaking inside, everyone says that you did not know the story, they went away It is not good, because you do not know where you went, what he was feeling troubled with, he was not able to understand that all of them were out, who was this voice, he says, in that This room was gone. All people see that room, because he was locked for a long time, how can you go in it,


But he was saying, that he went to this room, there was no one at that place, I did not see him, but his voice was coming, first it seemed that he was my friend, but not so He was someone else, so he came out in, when you looked here, I was feeling very scared, everyone said that it can not happen, this room is empty, everybody goes inside, but there But nobody is there, he still thinks, but no one answers It does not have, 

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Devilish children simple story for kids

simple story for kids, All the children made a plan together, in that plan they had to harass a man, all the children together disturb the man and run away, the man says, you should not do this, but no child Understand, all the children were being devilish, “simple story for kids


The man gets very upset, because he does not want any child to be devilish, but no one is listening to him, all those children go to his house, knock him at a door, run away from there. Yes, all the children were trying like this, the man was very upset, the man used to think that if I catch a single child, I will punish him, because he is bothering me a lot,


It was night, all the children would knock on the door again and run away, the man was upset, but thinking that they should teach a lesson, after that the man comes out of the house, he hides, like One child comes to knock on her door, grabs her and says that you should not do this, why you do not understand me, when that child is caught, all the children run away. That child all tried to call,


But no one comes, the man says, no one will come to save you, you should have understood this, no one supports anyone, all the children have run away, and they will not come here yet, because You have been caught, the child says that I will not do anything devilish, leave me to you, the man says that I leave you but you should not do any further work, so that no one has any problem. Interpretation has to

simple story for kids | english story

The child goes to everyone and says that the man has left but I will not give up with you, because you guys were getting me to do that which is not good, it is not a good thing to bother someone, you It should be understood that from that day onwards, all the children understood it and no one used to be devilish, so children should never be diabolical in life.

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