Small story for kids in english | Story of knowledge best for you

small story for kids in english 

Story of knowledge, small story for kids, The story of knowledge will be liked by all children, because it explains to two children in this story, but they do not want to understand anything, but after some time they understand everything, when it happens, when one day their father Explain to them,

small story for kids in english : Story of knowledge best for you

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small story for kids

He was tired of explaining his boy, he did not understand anything, his father thought that, if he does not understand, then there will be a lot of problems in future, because he was very upset with both sons, not at school at the time Used to go, did not pay attention to studies, if it continued, it would not become anything, when they both came to the school, they came to know that it has started to disturb everyone Think , hearing this father were very angry,


He had brought both of them home, after that he said that if you did not stop everything soon, you could get punishment, then a saint had come out, he was listening to everything, he would say It seems that if you explain it, then it will not do it in the future, but the father said that he is tired of explaining both of them, if you do something, so that it will do nothing further, Well, that monk said, we have Need to talk to them, which can understand this,


Dad said that if you understand, if you understand it, it will be very good, the sadhu went to him and said, both of you came to me, both boys had come to the sadhu ji, he started asking Why do not you think both of them, they started saying that we do not like it, we only think that when we believe in someone’s point of view, we can not remember that thing for a long time, Sadhu ji asked, if you do not listen to anything, then come to look like;


The two boys started thinking something, because they did not want to say that they do not listen to them, they feel bad because if they did not listen to any boy, they would have felt bad, the sadhu asked Why do you feel bad, if you can feel bad, then anyone can feel bad, when you do not think of anyone, then he may even feel bad, then tell me, that what you do not believe Is it bad Confirms that thing you do not believe, you take offense, if it goes on, which will be corrected,


You are small now, you just have to learn a lot, when you learn, then you can think about anything, but you should not think now, because whatever happens, it can think better than you, that right Saying thing, you should not feel bad, but you feel bad, it is not a good thing. You should think about this thing, both boys were thinking that till today they were doing anything, they It was not right, that’s all wrong There were


After that both the boys had understood the matter of Sadhu Ji, they also understood that they were doing wrong till now, from now on they do not do that, they had known everything, father also felt It was, now that their boys were doing very well, because they had changed inside them, they had understood everything now, the sadhus had said something good, they were told that what they have to do, This story tells all children that you should not be disturbed, if you do this, then it is not good, we should learn all good things, if you like this story, then you must share it, and by commenting,


Someone at that place Small story for kids in english

We do not know about that village, because all our children have come here for the first time, that village is no longer there, no one lives in that place, we should not go to that place, all the children were doing it , But they felt that if we go to that place, then we will know what is there in that place, no one lives in that place anymore, everyone seemed to have the same thing, that kids together Go, they don’t know, in that village What’s more,


The village was lying vacant for a long time, no one lived in it, it is a very small village, all the children go to that place, but they are very afraid of that place, because of what that fear was, because of that There was a sound of someone being in the place, who could it be, something was not understood, the hut that everyone sees, there may be something in it, they all go to the same place, that hut does not go, but he comes to know, The Lion at that point,


Now it is not right to stay at that place, it is Lion, can attack all the kids, so everyone runs away from that place, now they know why no one wants to stop here, because that Lion has come to the place, which can be a problem for us, this must have happened, all the people have gone from this, all those kids have also come, they came to know that Lion lives at that place, Nobody knew how that lion came to that place.

Small story for kids in english

This short story tells us that we should stay away from a place which is not good for us, we are unaware of that place, if you like this story, then do share it

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