Story about love and the short story about love

Story about love and the short story about love | Story stories

Story about love, Ever since I have seen her, I think I love her, but I cannot say anything to her, I am afraid that if she comes to know about me, she can even stop talking to me , I don’t see a way, I have to talk to him, thinking that the guy goes to talk to him, because he loves the girl so much, he sees her, but yet he doesn’t see, she Where is it, nothing is understood comes not, but he is waiting for him,

Story about love and the short story about love

Story about love

Story about love

After some time, that boy sees her, now he comes to know that the girl has come from home, when that girl comes to him, that boy talks to her, that girl says, what do you do to me You want to talk, that boy tells him that I have fallen in love with you, I want to talk to you about love, on hearing this, the girl says nothing, she goes beyond that place, that boy says, You have not answered me, you I love me,


The girl says that it is not time for these talks, I do not want to talk about it yet, on hearing this the boy thinks that maybe she does not love me, so she does not talk, that boy goes away, because he doesn’t understand anything, he doesn’t know what that girl is thinking, he comes home, but he thinks, maybe I shouldn’t have talked, he thinks now , That I don’t even want to go to him A, because if he would be visible to me, the same love,


For a few days, he does not do anything, maybe his mind was not working as well, one day he went to the city to get the household goods, he was taking the goods, then his eyes are on the girl, she gives him see, the same thing comes to his mind, that girl does not love, he does not talk to her, but that girl looks at the boy, he goes to her, he thinks that maybe that day He might not like it, he was asking something ,


The girl tells him that whatever I said that day, it was not time to talk, now it is time, I want to say something to you, that boy says, I don’t want to talk to you. Hearing this, the girl says, I love you, but at that time you were near my house, so I refused you, it could have happened that someone would come from my house, hearing that That boy is happy because he found out , That girl loves him,

Story about love and the short story about love | story stories

The boy goes to his house, because now he comes to know that the girl loves him, when that girl refused, he felt very bad, but now everything is good, in life. What we think is not always complete, but when it is completed, it is very happy, if you like this story of love, then share it.


Love was not found story : Story about love

I have met him and thought that today I can say my thing to him, because I love him very much, but when he will say this to me, I am still waiting for this, when I told him everything , Even then she could not say anything, I do not understand anything, she is not telling me anything, today when she will meet me in college, I can talk to her, we both reached college. , When I thought to talk to him, he It goes away,


Why does she not talk to me, one day she did not come to college, I was feeling that maybe she is feeling bad, went to meet him thinking this, but when I saw that she loves someone else , So I didn’t understand anything, she could tell me, but she didn’t say anything, she was talking to the boy, maybe she loves him, seeing everything was gone away from him, now There was no benefit from talking ,

Story about love and the short story about love | story stories

Time was passing, I knew, that she loves someone else, after some time she also forgot her love, because maybe nothing can happen now, I thought she could love me, But nothing had happened, she does not love me, now everything was known, I also realized that when there is love, it feels good, but when that love is not found Is, so sad.

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