Difference of thought story in english, story new york

story new york

Difference of thought story, story new york, Here are two stories, you will love this story, both of us will be able to learn in the story, Both of these stories are on the thinking, the way we think, we work in the same way, so we should get good ideas to think,

Difference of thought story : story new york

This story belongs to a boy in New York City, that boy was very good, we can say that he believed everyone’s words very well, everyone liked him, whenever he went to someone All were praising him, because he could have done any work, but there lived another boy in the same city, who was very upset with him, because he did not like it, one day the boy thought that Something like this should be done through which Let’s all agree,


Thinking he started moving forward, then he understood a plan, he told all that the boy is there, which you all like, he is bothering everyone, everyone listened to the boy , He was not sure, because he could not do this, but when he is saying, we should go and see, when all went there, a boy was crying there, everyone asked what was the matter Hey, why are you crying, he started saying, ‘Who am I?’ He is beaten, he has gone there,


When all the people went there, the boy was working there, everyone said that you should not do this, you harass everyone, while we did not feel like you can do this work, But what have I done, tell me first, all said that you have beaten that little boy, he is crying there, while doing so, till it is okay, you tell us this thing, that boy started thinking, When he thought he went to see the boy who was beaten Was, but he was not the boy there, he does not have any on here, he asked,


All said, he will not be here yet, maybe he will have gone home, but you should have taken care of this thing, but there is no use to say you, because you are not going to listen to anyone, all They had gone away because now they did not have to say anything, but the boy did not like this thing, while he did not do this work, he went in search of the boy, what’s the matter, he It was to know, I And said there was not any at her, she went on what place,


When she did not find that boy, she got upset because all the people thought it was bad today, but she was listening to something, who was this voice, then she saw that the other boy is talking to that little boy Because he had sent all the people to me, all the people misunderstood, now everything was understood in his understanding, today he had known that this other boy had done all this, it was not a good thing, He went to them, so that boy was scared,


Because he was seen today, he started to go, but he asked why did you do this, if you do not do that then everyone does not mind me, but your work has caused me a lot of trouble, after that boy He took that little boy to everyone, when everyone came to know that it happened because of that boy, everyone was not feeling well now, because he believes in anyone’s point of view, which is a good thing Is not it Do not be one, should first only be considered a thing,


Second story of thinking

Everyone was troubling in a village, he also thought that any trouble can be done, no one could stop me, it was thinking like a lot, when he was troubling someone, all People were scared to flee, when everyone was running, he was feeling very good, one day he said that I have to live here, if anyone says anything then he can think, what can happen, everyone is afraid of him. Were also


A man lived in that village, he started saying, ‘If we are scared, then this will bother us, till we find someone, then it is going on, we will have to do something, We have to go away to the village, there is a man who lives there, who can help anybody, if we have close to him, then he helps us, everyone planned, after all, all people came to the other village. ,


When everyone went over there, they met the man, everyone together told him that you help him, we are disturbing a man, he also takes anything every day, no one is able to cope, If you can solve this problem, then it will be good, that man has started saying, okay, he is walking with you, after that all the man was with him in the village, when all the villagers arrived, then that man To show that he is the man who Minister does, the man said you should not worry,


After that the man says that you should not disturb these people, but the man says, that you should not have any sense from this point, but after a while, there is a fight between the two, after that The man loses, because he thought that there was no one greater than him, but today he had lost, because he had made his thinking very big, so that the arrogance had come in him, while he should not think so,


After that the man had gone away from him, because now he had come to know that he should not have thought of such a thing, because someone else could be even more great than him, after which he had not bothered anyone,

Story new york 

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