Story with english for all kinds, Boy success story with english

Story with english for all kinds

story with english, story is english, The boy did not read, his father says, you should read, if you do not get. So you will not know, that boy does not care about what he thinks, does not understand anything, his father tells him, if you cannot change, then you have to think, they have A man comes, he says, this boy can learn everything, says one thing to you, you should send this boy to the man who teaches all the children.

Boy success story with english : story is english

story with english

story with english

His father says, okay, tell me, where does he meet, the man says, he teaches all the children daily, you should meet them, he goes to meet them, he says, this boy is studying I am very weak, that man says, no problem, you can leave it here, that boy stays on the same, the man says, what do you think is the best thing, that boy says , That I don’t like to read, I like to cook, hearing this man says, today you have to cook for everyone,

King and Prince very short stories

Hearing this, the boy says, I can do this work, but when that boy works, it is too much, he cooks for all the children, but that does not make it easy, it is very There is more work, then the man comes, he says that you know how to cook, but when you do too much, it does not happen to you, because nothing is easy, that boy understands , Because they are right,

Story of understanding

After that day he also does his study, because he understands that study is also very important, that man also makes food from him, because he knows that he makes food very good, in a few days all He had learned something, he used to study also, he had become a good boy now, he understood that everything is necessary in life,


Lion story is english

The lion came to that village, he sees that a boy has stood up, that lion wants to attack him, that boy starts running away, because he understood that the lion is about to attack him. , He was running after him, then that boy falls, that boy is very scared now, because he had a lion standing there, that lion now thinks, that his prey is standing in front, but a man comes, lion Looks at him, he now thinks, who can he hunt? Confirms,

Life’s trouble story

But the man attacks the lion, he ejects the lion, all the people see that the man was driving away that lion, because he can attack the boy, he did not know this man, That he will be saved, but he can save the boy, all the people come to help him, because he was the only one to fight the lion, after some time the boy is saved from the lion,

How to write good short story writing

The lion runs away, the boy says, if it doesn’t save me, the lion could attack, the man knew that he could drive the lion away, he had driven the lion away, that man Very nice, who saved the boy from the lion, if you liked this story, then share it,


Magic tree story english short

I am afraid of that forest, it is about that time, when I came to that forest in one day, it took me two days after that, but could not get out in that forest, that is why I do not want to go to that forest, why do you want to go to that place, that boy says, I have seen a tree in that forest, which is very good, tells everyone about it, that he can give you magic. Is, he would listen and say Yes, I don’t think so

Difference of thought story

It is very scared to go to that forest, I do not think there is a tree at that place, but his friend says that if that tree is found, it would be great, he agrees to his friend , Then both of them go to that forest, because they had to see the tree that can give them the magic, they search a lot, but they had not found anything yet, after that their gaze goes to a tree, maybe that Magic tree Confirms,

Short stories in english for students

They both go to that tree, they see, it can be a magic tree, because all its leaves were shining, they were near that tree, but they did not know how that tree can give magic. , He thinks, how this tree can give us magic, because we do not think it can give any magic, only then a leaf falls from the tree, it was very shining, it takes it, it See, but nothing happens because they don’t Know how this magic works,

Small story for kids

He takes the leaf and says that we should be at home, they both disappear, after that they reach home, this magic tree works, they now knew that this tree was useful for them. Maybe, but both of them have reached home, they search for that tree in that forest, but they do not find that magic tree, they think that this magic tree will work only once, because they are still Have not found it, if you The story is liked, then Share,


Goat and lion story english for kid

I like this goat very much, because he believes me, he used to keep his goat with him, but one day he slept leaving the goat, he sees the goat, that a lion is coming, he is afraid. She goes, she sees her master, he was sleeping, the goat doesn’t understand anything, how can she overcome the lion, she voices the goat owner, he sees the owner, the lion has arrived is,

Story with english | story english short | 

He sees the lion, he wants to take his goat, but the lion had to attack, the owner goes with the goat, the lion chases, but some people have come, causing the lion to flee, The lion knew that now he could not attack anyone, it was all due to the goat, the goat made noise, which made the owner awake. So always be aware, if you like this story, share it,


Story of monkey and two boys | Story with english

Both those boys say, we see that monkey, he is sitting on that tree, there are very good fruits on that tree, we think, this fruit is very sweet, we have to go to that monkey tree , He goes to that tree, the monkey sees them, he does not let them come near the tree, he removes them from the monkey tree, he knew both boys, if they cannot find the fruit, this monkey will eat them will go,


Both of those boys want to get fruit, but that monkey was driving them away, one of them says, this monkey will not give us fruit, but we have to try, then he brings a stone, he throws the monkey , The monkey gets scared, but the monkey does not run away, he wants to scare the two boys, because they both want to take fruit from that tree, after that the other boy says, we should not throw this stone monkey any more,

Story with english | story english short | 

He throws both the stones on the ground, the monkey also throws the fruit on the ground, both of them get fruits, they make both boys happy, they get fruits, this story tells us, in life we ​​have Mind should work

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