Tenali raman short stories english for kids and good english stories

Tenali raman short stories english for kids and good english stories

Tenali raman short stories english for kids, tenali raman comes to meet the king, the king looks at him and says that you look very happy, tenali raman says that there is no such thing, but today is a happy day, because today marriage in our neighborhood It is a day, everybody is celebrating, the king says that we have understood that this is what you want, that if we go to the wedding, this will happen, he says that we will reach the wedding in time. , tenali raman says, how did you know, that in Paise come that came to speak,

Tenali raman short stories english for kids

Tenali raman short stories english

Tenali raman short stories english

The king says that I was feeling that you can say the same thing to us, so we have said this, tenali raman says that you know everything, you know everything, tenali raman says that we help him Should also do it, because the marriage is fought, we need some gifts too, the king says that you do not worry, we do the same, after that the tenali raman goes away from him, because he too had to do some preparations. , But the Rajguru says that you don’t want to do this.

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tenali raman always says about expenses, he thinks that you have too much money, he is not there to distribute all the wealth, but we should think about development from him, the king says, You should not think about this, I think, tenali raman is right, we should help in marriage, the king does not listen to Rajguru’s words here, and goes away, because it was time for marriage, Rajguru I think, until this place And will as I ever will not be asked, then,

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This tenali raman has become a problem for me, it should be removed from the palace, I have to do something that the king removes it, but there is no plan yet, after that the king reached the place, The place was going to be married, everyone was very happy to see the king, because the king had come, it was all due to tenali raman, because he had brought the king, he was getting married, then the king would be attacked. But the king survives, he Was banished to have rubbed

Behind the voice

After that the king goes to the palace, the next day Rajguru says that this attack was due to tenali raman, the king says, what are you saying, tenali raman cannot do this, but Rajguru says Well, you are not understanding, if it did not take you to that place, it would not have happened, the attacker knew that you have gone to that place, the king called the commander and said Find out who attacked him, where he came from, heĀ  was then commander is aware of this,

Trouble in the village

The commander goes away, but the Rajguru is scared, the tenali raman looks at the Rajguru, he comes to know that it seems to be everything that the Rajguru has done, so that the king annoyed me, but said this to the king If he goes, he can ask for proof from me, but I have nothing, tenali raman can not do anything about this, when everyone goes from the palace, tenali raman meets Rajguru, he says that you Don’t let me be near the king Wanting to hear this, Rajguru says that there is no such thing,

Tenali raman short stories english for kids and good english stories

But tenali raman says, I think, that this attack that happened yesterday, I know all this, also know that who can do this, Rajguru on hearing this, says that I don’t know anything, He goes away, but the tenali raman understands everything, he is worried that this Rajguru is not doing well, I have to do something soon, if nothing is done soon, a lot can go wrong, There was no news to the commander, but tenali raman Very few knew he could not say anything, King says he will get at least one day,


Tenali raman and king’s treasure

The king said that someone had come to take our treasure, if we do not come in time, he goes with our treasure, all the soldiers are called, no one knows anything, because no one has seen anything. the king is very angry on hearing this, because no one had seen him, who he could be, it is not even known to the king, the next day the king calls tenali Raman, he says, at night I came to the palace,


He must have been looking for our treasure, when I saw it, he had run away, but could not find out who he was, tenali Raman says, do not worry, I can definitely find him., the king says that I think that you can know everything, it is night time, the king was sleeping, but the tenali Ramana did not sleep even then he heard the voice of someone, they Looks like someone has come, they go to see the room in which Security has happened, comes the voice from that point,


tenali raman goes the same, the king just wakes up after hearing that voice, he goes to tenali raman, asks him that i had just heard the voice, tenali raman says that he has come from that treasure room, The king also goes to that, he looks into the room, but no one can see, how can this happen, this is what the voice came from, but nobody is there, they look at the room, they don’t understand anything. Comes,


When he looks carefully at tenali Raman, he sees something, a door which was built inside the ground, the king did not even know who would have made it, both Raja and tenali Raman go through that door, So that door opens to the other side of the palace, now everything is understood, how does one come to this, that door was closed, but who it was, it is not known to anyone yet, after that both Come to the palace,


Story of tenali raman who were those people

Why Tenali raman is not found today, he has searched everywhere, but he is not seen anywhere, the king is also very upset about this, because why tenali raman is not getting, some soldiers are coming to his house. But he has not even come to his house, how can this happen, the king did not feel good, because he is waiting for the Tenali raman, but he is not anywhere, the commander is called, The king tells him that he soon finds out, because we are worried,


The commander says, do not worry, we will soon find out the Tenali raman, the king says that you have to complete this work soon, the commander goes in search of Tenali raman, because he had to find out, He has not reached home yet, the commander was listening to some people, to know what he was talking, the commander goes to him, the commander asks him, what are you talking about, he tells the commander See them Giving All told, there were now know the commander, what was.


Some people had captured Tenali raman, where did he take them, the commander came to know everything, because all those people had seen, it was a house, in which Tenali had taken, The generals reach that place, but Tenali raman is found at that place, but no one else appears, perhaps they came to know that someone is going to come here, the general saves them, after that They move to the palace, the king becomes very happy, he had now returned,

Tenali raman short stories english for kids

King Tenali asks, how did all this happen, who were those people, why did he do this, Tenali raman says to the king, we could not find anything, because he could not see them, he was taken away by them, then did not come back, it was very strange, because why they have not come back, who he was, he did not know they were immovable, but he came back, very happy that he came back Was, but it seems that Tenali raman knew, Who he was,

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