Life’s trouble story, the story of english

The story of English

Life’s trouble story, the story of English, This story is of a man, who tries to change the life of all, so that he will never face any problem, you will surely like this story,

Life’s trouble story : The story of english

the story of English

the story of English

This English story is of that man, who had never given up, he always used to say that if you have to do something, then you do not have to give up, if you accept defeat, you will never face difficulties in life. You should not give up, so you should not give up, the man used to tell all kinds of things like this, which has never been a problem in life, but many people were troubled, because every man did not face difficulties. Confirms, “the story of english”


One day a man came to meet him, he found him and said that the trouble never ends, if we run away from him, he also chases us, the man says, that it is on your mind, If you think so, then it is like this, but you do not have to think that, increase your thinking, so that you can do all the work easily, the man started saying that I do not understand your point, you say Want


Can we reduce our trouble, you can easily say that the trouble is reduced, but this is not easy, whenever there is trouble in front of us, then we can not face it It hurts us so much that we become unhappy in life, this is the reason that we are troubled in life, the man was listening to his words, after that he started saying, I tell you a story in me, From which you are good Understand that what we have to do in life,


You have to listen to this story very carefully, after that you have to decide, a man lived in a village, he was very upset with his life, he felt like he could not do anything now, he Goes away from home after being unhappy with his life, but when he comes out of the house, he does not know that he has to be told, so he gets upset and gets upset when he gets worried Life is very difficult to give Receive, we do anything, but then we can not be happy, if it goes on we will be able to live the good life,


All these things keep moving in his mind, but he does not have the solution to it, but he keeps thinking, he gets up early in the morning, but his mind does not seem like anything, the same person and a man is coming, Seeing him sitting, he says, what you are doing here, now it is evening, you should go home, but he says, who is he, the man says, that he lives in this. , But what are you doing here, the man says Land, a lot of trouble in life, his solution turned out to search, but found nothing,


The other man had understood that he was troubled by life, so he sat down, the man said, you do not have to worry, if you feel that there is a lot of trouble in life then this is right There is trouble in life, but it is not so, that you are disturbed, but all is troubled in life, if you feel that everyone is troubled in life, then everyone should go away from home. . So this is not good, if you do this, then you will not be able to do anything in life,


What do you think, happy in, but not happy, but I do everything to be happy, I know, there is less happiness in life, there is more trouble, if we all have been thinking that If we are parishes, we will not be able to achieve all the happiness, so think and go ahead, you can not be disturbed, the trouble of life is for some time, if you pay attention to them, then you can learn a lot. , So do not be bothered , But will be able to find a good place to live life, that’s good for your life,


He was feeling good listening to the man’s words, he felt that this man is very good, who is telling life good, and we are learning how to live the life, even if it talks in Believe me, I can do a lot in life, with his words, the man can find the right direction, he started to raise and said that you have given me the right direction, if you do not understand me then you can never understand Let me go home now, because to understand how to live the life.


After that the man had gone home, now you understand what he can do in life, in your story, I have understood so much that in life we ​​never have to give up, if we have lost our life So, we can not do anything, we should try to make life good, if we find a good life, then it is very good for us,


You have told all to live a good life, you tell new direction for everyone, if you do this then there is a huge change in life, if you do not explain it to me, then I never know That is what we have to do in life, I used to think earlier that life is not easy, but it is through your words that you should make good efforts to live a life, only then life can be successful,

The story of english | stories in english

After that the man had gone away because he had understood that what he has to do, if you have trouble in your life then understand them and go ahead with the right path, you can live life well, Life’s trouble story, the story of english, if you If you liked this story, then you must share it, if you want to ask anything, you can ask,

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