The story of the magical box, English story

The story of the magical box

The story of the magical box, English story, This story is of some boys, who get a magical box, after that they did not know how to use it, they come with a man, he is his box, he takes his box from him, then use it after that It also tells you, you will like this story.

The story of the magical box : English story

All the boys were talking in one place, because they all wanted that even if they got a magical box. He would have been very good, he could have removed his kind of stuff from him, but it was just a dream, which would hardly be complete, all go home, Rohan thinks very much on the way, that I too would get a magical box It was very good, that was going to keep thinking about this, only then his eyes were on a box, what could be in it,


He had gone to him, he opened the box, then he was coming out from the light, what kind of light it was, he did not know, he had come home with that box, he did not show it to anyone, He was taken in, but he was thinking about it all night, when he got up in the morning, he had called a friend, his friend came and asked why you called me, he started saying that yesterday I was coming, so I found a box, Not with the box,


He pulled out the box to show it, seeing the box, he started saying, ‘What kind of box is it, it is coming out in the light; seeing the light, it is also scared, we do it, that it shows everyone Only then will some understand that what can happen, after all the friends were called, when all came, all saw him, but nothing was understood, because it was light in it. It was, but it does not know how it works Only running


A friend said that this box can also be attached, because the light is coming out from it, if we can use this box, then only we can know which work will come, everyone will use it very well. He wanted to do it, but he was not going to see anything in it, then only a man had come to that place, he started saying that he got you from the saying, everyone said that he had got that boy , Rohan said that it is mine, it met me ,


Then the man started to say to Rohan that it had fallen on me, it is my box, I was looking at it from yesterday, but I had not met, now I have come here looking at it, so I get it All have said that you can take it, if you say, you can take it, but what work it comes, the man said that you do not know about it, this is nothing to us. All could think, how can this be, we can Have seen many times, but then we did not even look like,


The man began to say that this box is magical, you do not know anything about it, you can ask whatever you want, all started saying, ‘we can give anything, this box, so we have something Give that, the man who always stayed with us, the man began to say, you always stay together, nothing can be better than that, that man had asked for something to eat with the magical box, everyone was given it Was

The story of the magical box | English story

All were very happy, they felt like it was a dream, because no one knows about the magical box. After some time the man had already gone there, all the boys had also gone to their house, they knew that this dream was that which was fulfilled, because earlier he was considered that dream, today his dream is complete Had happened, many things are not fulfilled in the world, if it is fulfilled, then we are very happy, The story of the magical box, english story, if you liked this story then please share it further,

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