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A promise story, very short stories online, This story belongs to some villagers, who do not listen to their guruji, but they explain everything well, but when their point is not considered, they get annoyed, you will like this story,

A promise story : very short stories online

Guruji has become angry today, we have not said anything, but still he is going to get angry, if we did not stop them then he will go away, all the villagers were very upset, they felt like this. , He did not know why he was angry, Guruji was going to go, all the people had come in front of him, all asked why he is angry, Guruji said that I had explained to you a lot, but nobody spoke to us Do not believe me You guys can do so do not believe it, come,


That is why I have thought that there can not be any longer here, because when you do not listen to me, there is no reason to stop here, all have said that, what mistake we have made, We do not even know that, Guruji said that I had taught you a lot of things here, so that you can do your life very well, it is your duty to help others, but you do not even think that, this tomorrow Of thing is,


If you think that you have not done anything, then you tell me this thing, this thing is yesterday, when all of you were going to another village, then you got in a mad way, then you did that crazy What did you do with, all the people had been watching each other, Guruji asked, did not you tell, what did you do then, all the people started saying, we had escaped him, Guruji said that you What can you do You have to tell, this is not a good thing, but you do not understand, how well you taught,


But then only listen to me, and forget about listening, do not you want to adopt all these things in your life, do you think that you have become just to listen in life, to execute the rest If you listen to all the notes carefully, then you should know that all in life are equal, all are made for each other, everyone needs it, so nobody should disturb, you should not No amount of convincing, but some also do not understand,


After that the people had come to know that they should not have done that, when they helped everyone, then what is the mistake of that madman, but it is very bad with him, we should show mercy to him there, But what did we do, had it run away from him, while it was not a good thing, Guruji was angry at all, maybe he was right because we had nothing to do with him, but we did it , Now what It was, that was it, we should now have thought about the future,


Then the Guruji comes, then they call everyone, after the call, ask, are you doing right, while you should not have done that, you did that, all said that we have made a mistake now We did not know, that the work done by us would be wrong, we forgive you, this will not happen in future, after that Guruji says that if you have any mistake, then forgive me, but You should think that Do not even let anyone trouble you,


After that, the villagers do promise, that will never happen in life, Guruji also refuses to go, but you should also think that whatever is right, do it only, never do wrong things. Do not trouble anyone, A promise story, very short stories online, if you liked this story, you must share it,

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